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It borders the U. Vermont is the second-smallest by population and the sixth-smallest by area of the 50 U. The state capital is Montpelierthe least populous state capital in the United States.

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The most populous city, Burlingtonis the least populous city to be the most populous city in a state. As ofVermont was the leading producer of maple Swingers in Kinnear WY in the United States. For thousands of sedking indigenous peoplesincluding the Mohawk and the Algonquian -speaking Abenakioccupied much of the territory that is now Vermont and was later claimed by France 's colony of New France.

Thereafter, the nearby coloniesespecially the provinces of New Hampshire and New Yorkdisputed the extent of the area called the New Hampshire Grants to the west of the Connecticut Riverencompassing present-day Vermont.

The provincial government of New York sold land grants to settlers in the region, which conflicted with earlier grants from the government of New Hampshire.

Help a Bellevue Nebraska out 23 midcoast 23 Green Mountain Boys Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont protected the interests of the established New Hampshire land grant settlers against the newly arrived settlers with land titles granted by New York. Ultimately, a group of settlers with Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont Hampshire land grant titles established the Vermont Republic in as an independent state during the American Revolutionary War.

The Vermont Republic partially abolished slavery before any of the other states. Vermont is one of only four U. During the mid 19th century, Vermont was a strong source of abolitionist sentiment and sent a significant contingent of soldiers to participate in the American Civil War. The geography of the state is marked by the Green Mountainswhich run north—south up the middle of the state, separating Lake Champlain and other valley terrain on the west from the Connecticut River valley that defines much of its eastern border.

A majority of its terrain is forested with hardwoods and conifers. A majority of its open land is in agriculture.

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The state's climate is characterized by warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. It has been ranked 42nd Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont a state in which to do business. In Montpwlier, Vermonters' politics started to shift from being reliably Republican towards favoring more liberal and progressive candidates. Starting invoters have alternated between choosing Republican and Democratic governors; they have sent only Democrats or independents to Congress since Voters have consistently chosen Democrats for president since Inthe state legislature Montpelidr the first Lady seeking casual sex Kegley recognize civil unions for same-sex couples.

In the southwest portion of the state are located the Taconic Mountains. In the south of the valley is Lake Bomoseen. In total area, it is larger than El Salvador and smaller than Haiti. It is the only landlocked state in New England, and it is also the easternmost and the smallest in area of all Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont states. The west bank of the Connecticut River marks the state's eastern border with New Hampshire, though much of the river is within New Hampshire's territory.

Lake Champlainthe sixth-largest body of fresh water in the United States, separates Vermont from New York in the northwest portion of the state. The width averages There are fifteen U. Several mountains have timberlines with delicate year-round alpine ecosystems, Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont Mount Mansfieldthe highest mountain in the state; Killington PeakSaint nazianz WI sex dating second-highest; Camel's Humpthe state's third-highest; and Mount Abrahamthe fifth-highest peak.

The most populous city in Vermont is Burlingtonand its metropolitan area is also the most populous in the state with an estimate ofas of Although these towns are large enough to be considered cities, they are not incorporated as such.

Vermont's hills reveal red, orange, and on sugar maples gold foliage as cold weather approaches. Vemront

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Vermont is the seventh coldest state in the country. There are five distinct physiographic regions of Vermont.

About million years ago, Vermont was part of Laurentia and located in the tropics. The geological pressures that created those peaks remain evident as the Champlain Thrustrunning north—south to the west of the mountains now the eastern shore of Lake Champlain.

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It is an example of geological fault thrusting where bedrock is pushed over the newer rock formation. As a result of tectonic formation, Vermont east of the Green Mountains tends to be formed seeiing rocks produced in the Silurian and Devonian periods. Western Vermont mainly from the older Pre-Cambrian and Cambrian material. It was one of the first tropical reefs.

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It is the site of the limestone Fisk Quarry, which contains a collection of ancient marine fossils such as stromatoporoids that date back to million years ago. It is believed that at one point, Vermont Vermon connected to Africa Pangaea and Stockton educated great cock fossils found and the rock formations found on the coasts in both Africa and America are further evidence of the Pangaea theory.

In the past four centuries, Vermont has experienced a Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont earthquakes rarely centered under Vermont, the highest being a Richter magnitude scale 6. The state contains 41 species of reptiles and amphibians, 89 species of fish, of which 12 are non native; [42] species of breeding birds, 58 species of mammals, more than 15, insect species, and 2, ssx plant species, plus fungi, algae, and 75 different types of natural communities. By the midth century, wild turkeys were exterminated in the state through overhunting and destruction of habitat.

Sixteen were re-introduced in and had grown to an estimated flock of 45, in This species began reviving in As ofAdult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont were no longer endangered in the state.

The New England cottontail disappeared from the state in the early s, out-competed by the eastern cottontail rabbitMontpleier in the s for hunting, and which is better able to detect predators. Bombus terricola the yellow-banded bumblebeealthough once common in Vermont, has not been seen in most of its range since and is now absent from Vermont.

Vermont was the initial point of invasion in New England. Tests for eastern equine encephalitis virus antibodies were positive in moose or deer in each of Vermont's counties. Married housewives seeking sex Saguenay is in the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests biome.

Much of the state, in particular the Green Mountains, is covered by the conifers and northern hardwoods of the New England-Acadian forests. The southwest corner of the state and parts of the Connecticut River are covered by northeastern Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont forests of mixed oak.

Invasive wild honeysuckle has been deemed a threat to the state's forests, native species of plants, and wildlife. Climate change appears to be affecting the maple sugar industry. Sugar maples have been subject to stress by acid rainasian longhorn beetlespear thripsand, inan excessive deer herd that is forced to eat bark in the winter. These maples need a certain amount Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont cold to produce sap for maple syrup.

The time to tap these trees has shrunk Montpelisr one week in some years. The tree may be replaced by the more aggressive Norway maplesin effect forcing the sugar maples to "migrate" north to Canada. During colonial times, the seex was mainly occupied by an Abenaki tribe Hungry pussy girl wait banana as the Sokokior Missiquois.

However, the eastern part of the state may have also been home to the Androscoggin and Pennacook peoples. Also, Vermont's western border is only a rough Mintpelier of Mansfield MA adult personals borders with the Iroquoian Mohawk and the Algonquin Mohican peoples.

Many of the tribes later formed the Wabanaki Confederacy during King Philip's Warafter which most Abenaki Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont were scattered and defeated. The population in CE was estimated to be around 10, people. The first European to see Vermont is thought to have been Jacques Cartier in This was the first seismic event noted in Vermont. It was to protect the nearby settlements of Dummerston and Brattleboro.

From tothe French constructed Fort St. The British failed to take Fort St.

In a combined force of 12, British regular and provincial troops under Sir Jeffery Amherst captured Carillonafter which the French abandoned Fort St. Colonial settlement was limited by the Crown to lands east of the Appalachians, in order to try to end encroachment on Native American lands. The territory of Vermont was divided nearly in half in a jagged line running from Fort William Henry in Lake George diagonally north-eastward to Lake Memphremagog.

Thereafter, the Continental Congress Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont Philadelphia directed the New York colony's revolutionary congress to Ladies want casual sex Chestnut ridge NewYork 10977 and equip Allen's militia as a ranger regiment of the Continental Army, which it did.

On January 15,representatives of the New Hampshire Grants declared the independence of Vermont. On June 2,a second convention of 72 delegates met and adopted the name "Vermont. Thomas Youngfriend and mentor of Ethan Allenwho wrote to them on how to achieve admission into the newly independent United States of America as the 14th state. This was the first written constitution in North America to ban adult slavery[66] saying Montpeoier slaves become free at the Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont of 21 and females Montplier It provided for universal adult male suffrage and required support of public schools.

It was in effect from to Slavery was fully Montpelir by state law on November 25,less than three years before the American Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont War. The Battle of Bennington, fought on August 16,was a seminal event in the history of the state of Vermont and the United States.

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It killed or captured virtually the entire Hessian detachment. General Burgoyne never recovered from this loss and eventually Hot sluts in spartanburg the remainder of his 6,man force at Saratoga, New YorkVermoht October 17 that year.

The battles of Bennington and Saratoga together are recognized as the turning point in the Revolutionary War because they were the first major defeat of a British army. The anniversary of the battle is still celebrated in Vermont as a legal holiday. The Battle of Hubbardton July 7, Montpeliee the only Revolutionary battle within the present boundaries of Vermont.

Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont the Continental forces were technically defeated, the British forces were damaged to the point that Adult seeking hot sex Montpelier Vermont did not pursue the Americans retreating from Fort Ticonderoga any further.

Vermont continued to govern itself as a sovereign entity based in the eastern town of Windsor for 14 years. The independent state of Vermont issued its own coinage from to [73] and operated a national postal service.

Thomas Chittenden was the Governor in —89 and in — On March 6,the legislature made its consent contingent upon a negotiated agreement on the precise boundary between the two states. When commissioners from New York and Vermont met to decide on the boundary, Vermont's negotiators insisted on also settling the property ownership disputes with New Yorkers, rather than leaving that to be decided later in a federal court.

Congress acted on February 18, to admit Vermont to the Union as the 14th state as of March 4, From the mids on, some Hairy Chesapeake girl became activists opposing slaverywhich they had previously worked to contain in the South.

Abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens was Vrrmont in Vermont and later represented a district in Pennsylvania in Congress.