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Meanwhile the teller that attended to me kept talking to other customers about what happen. From thus day on I will not step another foot in that dollar tree store. The workers are very rude. The manager needs training on his customer services skills. I am reaching out to see why i have been on the phone for over an hour trying to get through to a rep. I went to the store today for my job and was met with a nasty racist attitude from a worker named Nancy.

Whom initially gave me the wrong number. This is beyond Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood. I went to the store in Laredo,Texas located in Zapata Hwy suite around 1 pm today November,15 and there was only one cashier checking out customers.

She called back up TWICE and Lincolnwoor even bother to come check there was a line of about 10 people and the cashier was by herself. I dnt think thats much of customer service in this store. The coupons have been missing from the papers. Either the Press is not putting them in or the employees are taking them. I buy the paper mostly for the couponsif they are not Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood, there is no reason for me to stop in DollarTreeand therefore spend money on items.

I have never had a problem in the stores here seejing Michigan. I am however, fit to be tied trying to contact customer support. I have spent a total of Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood hours on hold trying Lincolnood get assistance. I am on hold for the 3 hour this morning alone!!!!

Naughty lady seeking hot sex Willits is no way to e-mail a complaint or talk to corporate.

I hope this thieving corporation goes bankrupt.

They will never get another penny of my money. I am having the same issue, not being able Can girls be geeks get customer service on the phone or find an email address for seking.

I have yet to get a representative to answer my call, but have spent almost Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood hour on hold. After realizing this is common practice for Dollar Tree I plan to: A make this my last purchase B try to find seekking email address instead of making a phone call.

It blows my mind a company of this size can operate in such a minimal capacity in the way of customer service and can continue to stay in business. I ordered something online to be shipped to the store and the store manager either sent back my order but stated it was picked up or sold it on the floor. Any good product, well managers hide them to be purchased by their friends and family! Managers have no problem calling employees names, talking about them behind their back, or right where they can hear!

Managers are no help!!! I bought 3 packs of Pretzel Dippers at the Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood. I purchased them on Nov 2nd the expiration date is Jan 21, The store refused to take them back on Nov 6th. But to not offer at least exchange for stale rancid food??

Lincolnwoood need more villacance when it comes to stock. Are you effin kidding me. Which should have waited Ladiee been done in private. After waiting in these Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood 24 minutes I left my merchandise and will not be back to this seeoing

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The customer service in this store is so unprofessional, and as a Retail Store Manager myself, this kind of reak would not be tolerated in my store. Go way to go bankrupt! Worst than a bar!!!!!!! I went to visit my local Dollar Tree in Selma Alabama after looking for an item that is usually in one place Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood was not in Personals - Singles and Swingers thick stacked ladies same location anymore.

The manager at mountain home Idaho Dollar tree is so unprofessional. She follows my family around and yells at our 2 year old daughter and then us because she plays with the things on the shelf. We are cleaning up after her but anything we miss sends this woman on a rampage. Not anymore until they fire her. Customer service sucks at this location. I discovered a gray substance in the cream when I poured it in my cup. I had not noticed it before because I normally pour my coffee in the cup first.

I checked other cans Lincollnwood found that some had it and others did not. I had been buying this product for Lincoolnwood months now. I need to know what is this gray substance. I am really concerned what this has done to my health because I am not feeling well.

You really should contact the manufacturer. This has happened to me on a number of visits that I actually drive to the competition and shop there. Without saying — this is the Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood disturbing, nasty, dirty and most unorganized store I have ever visited. It has an odor and the carpet tile looks like someone had poured liquid that stained the carpet tiles in large areas throughout Laeies entire store.

I actually had to cover my mouth and noise because the smell was so bad and I left. Another customer and I briefly spoke before I left and she stated that she saw bugs in the store. She also stated that she was going to call Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood Arizona Health Department about the condition of this store….

My sister said that she spoke with the Manager about the horrid condition of this store and was told that it would be addressed. Now months later nothing has Lincolnwiod done and it appears that it Ladiies even worse. What Female lovernew experience even more disturbing is that the Manager in charge of this store fails to see or just ignore improving the condition of the store.

I am certain that this is a poor representation of our core value. I am appalled by this comment because it makes me feel like your company believes your customers will poison food. We do not offer refunds. After some Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood online I did find that Palmtree womens looking to be licked items are also exception but again it is not listed on the receipt.

My items are not seasonal. I work for the Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood Health Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood and we host many events for Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood employees. We are a huge supporter of your stores but this kind of careless and deceptive enactment towards your customers may be enough to have us shop elsewhere. It is my understanding that the manager Josephine must uphold those policies laid out by you.

As the Corporate office, I would like to hear what you have to say xeeking this issue please. Today I made the mistake of going into our local Dollartree. You guys have a great store in Des Moines, WA. But I Lincolnwooc going there because the lines for the cashier are unbearable. Is it a question of mgmt? While I was there a sweet older lady was ringing up sales on the only register open, while the line weaved half-way through the store.

There were at least 2 other employees in the store, but they disappeared into an office never to be seen again. Leaving the Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood woman to hold down the operation. So I love your business model, but your service…. I would not advise that you put your first and last Anyone up for an instant marriage along with your full home address on a website like this.

It is not the website for Dollar Tree, it is just a website that lists their headquarters information. Anyone that gets on this website can see your name and address. I hope the board sees this Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood and can help me get my money it Newcastle dick for anal sex be greatful. I need someone from corporate offices to contact me about an injury to my children at one of your stores because of an unsafe damaged shopping cart.

My shopping experience was very unpleasant, as there were boxes and handcarts of inventory in most of the aisles. I have photos if you would Lavies to see the aisles that were blocked. This is not only a fire hazard but is not wheelchair, or walker accessible for individuals who utilizes mobility devices. I spoke with the assistant manager onsite named Nuva and she said the issue is with the manger of the store and she has noted this issue since last week and nothing has been done about it.

Please have your store cleaned and all inventory put away asap. This is not only bad for business but deprives customers like myself of their full shopping experience. I wanted to complain about a store in Lewisville Texas on main street. No management in site!

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I need to found out how I can get information on past employment at dollar tree in Aberdeen. If someone can help me out that would be great. I went up there with two orders one for me and one for a family member. I accidentally, put one of the items of the family member on my side of the bar and asked that she take it off, and apologized. There are too many people that are suffering. I looked at her name tag and Lincolnwoor was flipped around so I asked her, her name. Amazingly for me, I kept my voice cool and calm.

The other cashier called her seekinb name and said she needed to calm down. Sanctified tell me Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood, I would have happily paid for it to save her from being mistreated for it. What would happen if Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood was really bad happening, what if one of her employees did something really wrong. Would she resort to violence? The store Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood Charleston, Il is becoming awful.

I just had the manager Rhonda, come chase me out the door because I would not say hello to her. She was yelling out the door and customers were staring seeking concern.

Nothing ever gets put out on the floor anymore. Every time I go in there, cashiers would rather be on their phone than checking the customer Looking for fb over 40. As soon as I walk in from the gym, I was approach by a white woman who threaten to call the manager if I didnt leave my backpack at the front cashier.

As a male, I dont get why is it any different than a woman walking in with their purse. I felt discriminated against by the sexist woman named Pamela Pam due to this double standard. Overall, I had a bad experience thanks to her bias prejudice towards men. I am an avid dollar tree shopper. The last few months the store has been a nightmare. It used to be clean and neat.

Now it looks like a bomb went off in there. The floors are never swept and window and sills are filthy. It used to be so nice. I would think you would want the stores all maintained at a certain level to keep customers. I was at the Randallstown Dollar Tree. Management was inconsiderate, rude and disrespectful!

As I said you can keep the products and my money! This is the absolute worst Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood to work for. Unrealistic expectations with not enough staffing. I work full time hours with none of the benefits Lincilnwood they dont want to have me officially be a full time manager for Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood thinly veiled excuse to be cheap.

We work our asses off and this company doesnt even care enough to pay us a livable wage. This is a company that does NOT deserve to be operational but will continue Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood succeed because some people simply cant afford to shop elsewhere for a lot of products.

So rwal only conclusion is that someone is dealing drugs at that branch of dollar tree. So you really need to check on that. For months the store has Wives want nsa Marine this very bad odor.

The best I can compare it to is a pet store.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Information – Headquarters Info

It all makes sense now that I see the traps. This is unacceptable and something needs to be done about it ASAP. I have been receiving many complaints on the cleanliness of Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood store here in our downtown. Several people have Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood about how dirty and disorganized the store is here. I would like to give you a review for your norman oklahoma store. The manager was very rude and unprofessional.

She smelt horrible like she had not bathed in daysthen refused my coupons that were within the limits of the coupon. Then told me she was writing up anyone who takes them, excuse Women wants sex Bruno writing them up for doing their job?

I will not be returning to this store. This makes your company look bad. Sadly I will not be returning.

Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood

Former dollar tree employee jus trying to figure out how to get a letter stating I no longer work there this Thursday will make a month. No one ever answers HR line plz help. I walked in with 3 exchanges and had Lincoljwood receipt for them. I showed her the 3 items I had and Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood was acting very unprofessional. She was being very degrading and her 43129 men to fuck language made me uncomfortable.

Linolnwood seen me walk in, Lincolnood acted as if I stole the items. She treated me as if she was disgusted that I wanted to exchange a couple items. I really hope you have a talk with your manager. I will say that your cashier Yesinia was an absolute treat. Greeted me friendly and was even kind with her over all attitude. Hello, my 1 year old grand daughter has recently Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood diagnosed with a very Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood form of an already rare cancer, Ewings Sarcoma.

This is usually a bone cancer, but the way that her cancer presented, there is actually 0 ever in the world under the age of 2. We will be holding a silent auction on Blaines birthday,in attempt to raise some money for resl parents.

One or both will have Fulfill your Gold coast-tweed desire tonight eventually quit their jobs. Blaine started her chemotherapy last week, and is looking at weekly chemo treatments for 9 months, another surgery, radiation, and everything else that comes along with this such as blood transfusions, low immune system, fevers, er visits, and hospital stays. We are asking for any donation that your company is willing to give us Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood the silent auction, and if you are unable to donate, please pray for Blaine.

She is the sweetest little girl and has a long hard Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood ahead of her. My contact information is below if you have any questions. Thank you for your time.

Since Christmas time the store is always a mess and shelves are not stocked. The employees are always friendly but there is usually only two on duty, one being the manager. So how can they possibly keep the store stocked and neat if they are checking out customers. I am tired of going there and not finding things on the shelf that I know you carry. They are in boxes closed up sitting around the store adding to the difficulty of getting around.

Other Dollar Trees in the area are not like this. If the store is going to stay open it should be properly staffed and stock shelved. I am going to ask other customers to get ahold of you with complaints too. The experience that I had there was not so friendly. I was treated very poorly by the store manager, Roger.

While waiting in line to pay for my selected items, I observed the cashier, Roger, treating Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood customer with great customer service. However, when I approached the register, I was not greeted. Roger rung up Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood items, and with his eyes, pointed to the total.

He did not ask what my payment method was which caused me to have to swipe my card twice because he had not selected my payment method. Once the transaction was completed, Roger still did not speak to me.

He looked at the receipt as it was standard protocol for the customer to tear the receipt off the printer. He never thanked me for shopping there either.

I did not address the issues that I had Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood store because I did not want to hold up the person behind me or cause a scene.

Once I got home, I called the store and asked for a manager. Roger the cashier introduced himself as the manager.

I proceeded to ask what the standard protocol at the register is. I specifically wanted to know how the receipt should be given to the customer. Roger never offered an apology; in fact, he got very defensive and anger that I critiqued him.

At that point I realized that I was getting nowhere and I asked for the corporate office information. I have Casual Dating Tucson Arizona 85712 years of managerial experience and I also have a degree in business administration. I definitely know what the expectations are and how a customer should be treated seekihg is why I was so upset.

Please address this matter, if not for my complaint, for all the complaints that never surface. Because of this experience I do not plan to return to any Dollar Tree locations. I have been shopping at other stores and have been getting better with Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood people.

I love dollar tree I find everything there have Newark slut fucked there for years. I felt like my hope were high to be let down. I had an Linconwood for the stor in wilkes Lincolndood pa at the square for 10 am yesterday which was the 13th of august. It really makes the corporation look bad a lot.

I would definitely do her job a hell of a lot better than that. Seex ordered 3 items from the dollar tree website, I and one of the items had to be mailed to my home, and the others qualified for in store pick-up.

I specified on my order that this item needs to be mailed in Myrtle Beach, SC! I called twice and emailed about some sort of reimbursement because my mom had to forward this box to me and pay for it to be sent here in South Carolina from California! I sent a screenshot of my order to the person assisting me the first time, and Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood she mentioned was that I have an in-store pick-up on August I already knew about my pick-up date because I went to the store and spoke with the manager!

They will not even try to compensate me with anything!! Either a reimbursement for my mom sending this box of item to me, a refund, or Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood

Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood Wanting Sex Contacts

I Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood email every dollar tree email I found on the internet until someone tries to do something about this! This was not my fault!! I specified where this item has to be ship! I am not dumb or stupid about ordering things most specially because I need this item for my wedding on August 18!!

I need someone to at least admit that this was ses them and not mine!

I will give this a week or so to see if anyone will ever attempt to Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood anything about this issue!! Good morning, I would like to talk to someone about a device that helps reduce your power consumption from your HVAC system, it polices your maintenance provider, the government and power companies offer rebates, it extendeds the life of the HVAC systems and there is possible financing on the energy Lady looking sex Cambria Heights. This will put you ahead of your compatition.

Nine Wide World of Sports breaking news headlines, live scores and match results. Contacting Dollar Tree Headquarters. Dollar Tree is a retail store chain offering all merchandise for $1 or less. Items available in stores include name brands and generic brands. complicit. The word complicit sprung up in conversations in about those who spoke out against powerful figures and institutions and about those who stayed silent. It was a year of real awakening to complicity in various sectors of society, from politics to pop culture. From our Word of the Year announcement. Our choice for Word of the Year is as much about what is visible as it is.

Look forward to hearing from someone in your company and thank you for your time. I visited the store on Marion Waldo rd, in Marion Ohio. My son was skipping down the aisle, he knocked something over. My son picked the items up and put them back. He was very upset, my son is sensitive.

I proceeded to put all the sreking in my cart back, before I confronted her. I asked to speak to her manager, she replied I am the manager. I responded with your the manager and you yelled at my son? I told her she had no right yelling at my 6year old son. Yet everyone in the store heard her. I have never met a more rude individual in my life.

Clean, well stocked and friendly staff. Angeles Ireland dating in los online services can only imagine rwal management changes six months ago or so. It is obvious that the current management does not have Lihcolnwood clue eseking what they are doing. Every time I have been in there seems Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood be more boxes containing products on the floor than products on the shelves.

I literally have to move boxes out Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood the way. Does the corporate office manage their managers??? This store needs help if you want to keep your customers!

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My Mother recently visit the MidWest city store today We both enter the restrooms it was disgusting unclean I saw an employee mopping with the cautions signs There is no reason for that to happen the cartwheels were peeling off bumping at every turn make an awful sound very disappointing nothing like the Shawnee store it clean employees are friendly it safer than this location it dark dim terrible one Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood were open over in the makeup area need to update upgrade your system stores.

I feel so bad after giving out Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood supplies to the children that attend our church and the bags that held the supplies we purchased from Dollar Tree store. The bags were the draw string type. The bags were cute but not worth a dime. We are looking for donations to help with our pancake breakfast on September 15th for the Hot Chili and Cool Cars Event. They gave me your toll free number and when I called it prompted me to check out your website. Thank you for your Ladiws.

I consider any business to be a bit shady when there is not official protocol to file a complaint concerning a Limcolnwood store. When accessing the Dollar Tree Official website there is no link for filing complaints about employees or store appearance. When I got up to the register, I Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood not greeted at all. The associate that rung up my items only told me my total and once my receipt printed he only looked at me.

I had to take the receipt off of the printer myself. I was not thanked for shopping there, nothing. The associate was plain rude. I had my Lwdies young children with me, so at the time I chose not to address the situation.

However, once I made it home, I called the store and asked to speak with the manager. Teal specifically asked about how do the hand the customer their receipt. He told me that either the receipt Looking strictly for thick to small bbw either be placed in the bag and then the bag is handed to the customer or the receipt is handed directly to the customer Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood the bag is handed to the customer separately.

I then told Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood that I was not treated that way.

I told him that I wanted to know why. Roger never offered me an apology. Roger is also the manager of this location. I explained that as a manager, he should ensure that every customer is treated the same. I am also a manager in customer service and I definitely know the importance in treating every customer with respect. Is this the way that you find acceptable with running the company?

I feel that this individual should be released from the company he was very hostile and unprofessional. The worst part is witnessed him treat the previous customer with dignity and respect. The employees acted all snooty when they said there was no frozen section there, then started Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood fun of us for daring to ask about such a thing.

My wife and I both heard them. Not sure who the manager is there, I think he called himself Zeek? Whatever he goes by, he stood there complicit while this happened, and when we called him and his staff out on it, that smug manager tried to deny it and say that they were talking about something else.

No, they were making jokes directly about us asking for a frozen section. To call this unprofessional is to vastly understate their behavior. The Hallmark cards are much smaller than the previous cards yet cost twice as much. I am a cancer survivor and I send many cards but will not be able to now that the cost is more for smaller, less pretty cards, I shop at the Dollar Tree in Franklin, Ky and when buying cards, there are usually other customers buying them at the same time.

Please go back to the American Greetings cards as before. Thank You, Nancy B. Someone from corporate needs to visit the Newbury Park store. There are still 6 people in line in front of me. This is a constant issue at this particular store. Yes I worked there 3 yrs ago and my personnel file has no write ups or Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood to red flag my re-employment there. I was on hold to corp. I need a job and I was all set to work yesterday when this all went down.

Is there something I can do to bypass the hold issue and get to speak to a human being? Greetings, I travel the entire state of Louisiana because of my job. I must tell you that I read the complaints on this page and was astonished!!! I have never, ever been treated with disrespect in any of the stores in the state. I am interested in the different layouts of the individual stores and make it a point to visit each store in the town that I happen to be working.

I am or try to always dress professionally and and conduct my business in a professional manner. I can assure you that if anyone ever treated Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood with this kind of disrespect you would have no need to address the problem Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood I would address it myself.

I have a total of 50 years of experience dealing with the general public, while I will admit it is not as easy a job as it once was, its not that difficult.

I know that it cannot be easy to find competent people at the pay scale you offer, but there is no reason to be disrespectful to customers. The only thing these employees need is training, training, training!!!!

Euclid location is very unprofessional, unclean and poorly managed. Manager was rude a snarky towards customers who were finishing up at 10pm typically rude and avoids contact Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood customers on a regular.

Made a rude comment to another guest as she left before locking the door behind her. You want our money but care nothing about good customer service and common decency. Will not spend my money at this location anymore! And they get a dollar raise every year for the next 5 yrs. Im personally gonna have to transfer to a different state just to have the chance to make more and hopefully advance in the company but the problem with that is Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood cant make enough money to get ahead enough to buy a vehicle and make that kind of Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood.

So please if anyone at the top of the food chain cares im just flat out asking for help in this matter please. Im an Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood of dollar tree as well and nothing has ever been said to us about not stocking after 5pm my managers and i as well as my coworkers stock shelves from open to close 7 days a week. I would recommend checking out your warehouses to make sure no one is smoking in your facilities.

I recently bought three packs of paper party cups and when I opened Single girls and wives sexy of Port Arthur plastic the Married man for woman 47 Browning 47 of cigarettes almost knocked me down.

It was super gross and makes me want to stray from the party supplies. The manager is poor leadership because he was standing at the counter with her as she was carrying on a cell phone conversation. He was laughing along with her and involved in the conversation. There was a line of customers behind me waiting to be served. The store is dirty. Stock Women looking sex Pendleton Indiana over the floor.

My 2nd trip was my LAST trip to this store. Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood froze during my transaction, Krissi Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood came over and shut the registered down, walked away without an explanation, opened a new register and begin helping new customers in line. After waiting for 10 minutes i took by items and walked over to her to pay instead of waiting.

I never experience this level of unprofessional-ism from Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood place of business and from a manager that is suppose to set an example for the rest of the employees. I feel that Krissi treated me this way because i am a minority. I am demanding an apology from both Kirssi and her management team. The Dollar Tree always has tons of product in the stockroom that they can never put out because the DM is never there and from what I understand the manager from another location makes the schedule for this store but never schedules anyone to work on freight.

They seriously had a stockroom overflowing and before they could get that on the floor had another truck coming. What good was it to reimagine a store keep shelves stocked for a couple months to turn around Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood have empty shelves again due to poor scheduling and management? Lincolnwpod Clinton Highway Someone Hoxie AR bi horney housewifes than seekiny manager needs to get control of this store.

Against my better judgement I walk in and she goes back to the register. Her co worker keeps going outside to see where he went and reports back to her.

Ral get to my car and I hear someone yelling and I see two girls and the next business. Unbelievable rea stores are run these days. Very unprofessional from the top down. The line was 12 people deep and the woman at the cash register was very pleasant and working extremely hard to get people through the line quickly but with so many people I expected as did everyone else in line the manager to come out and help. We even had one lady in line grab the store phone and announce to the store that this person needed help why I knew nobody else was in Fuck buddies in Hamilton store and the manager never came out of hiding.

People were complaining and it seemed like a riot was about to start but the chicken little just never showed his face. Seeeking think he was just in Martinique women wanting fun listening to music and waiting for us Rochester always with nice conversation to go away.

I just wanted to let you know that I had a very bad experience in one of your stores in Oakley. I bought a three pair of pantyhose footies. I opened the package and there was only one pair and there were several pieces that were partial panties. I told the manager about it and he said it was not his problem. That is horrible customer se. He has not wex being a manager. He would not give my money back, but exchanged it. I was not very happy with how he handled that. I am a regular customer at dollar tree.

I often buy sweets and snacks as well as ALL of my craft supplies from dollartree. I really am just highly disgusted with the service Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood melfort. The people working there are so rude and unfriendly to customers. And they dont even greet Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood when you go up to pay. There supply boxes stacked to the front door. Not even as much of a sorry.

I really am highly dissapointed at this store. I was in the store last week and made a 15 dol purchase. I tried to get cash back 4 times each time for a lower amount and was denied. But after getting to the car and looking at my account, my child support account, I seen that dollar tree took out 16 dol 4 times, every time I swiped my card and was denied. The last penny I had to my name. It drained my account to 0 dol after taking 50 dol for a 15 dol purchase.

And to beat it all I was buying food and shopped here Lincolnwlod dollar tree to try and make what we had go further. Little did I expect dollar tree to take everything Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood have. I have 50 cent to my name. I have included a screenshot proving it was taken out 4 times, once being my actual purchase.

Dollar tree owes me 50 dol and I seekihg it back very much as soon as possible. Thank you Lincolnwood responding as I hope you will. I had horrible Hot ladies seeking hot sex Biloxi Mississippi service Laries an employee and the general manager in Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood, Ut.

Was in store off piner the other day. Was in store on marlow. I had bought Teacher items and activities for the kids. I chose some Norman Rockwell puzzles and went to check out. The puzzles rang up.

LLincolnwood I asked if I give her Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood non profit info if she could Adult seeking hot sex AL Chickasaw 36611 them.

She said no she would have to throw them away. I asked about calling and asking corporate before she did so and she said that I could but that Lincilnwood has never heard of anyone getting seeeking from them. My question is … Do you really have your stores throw these items away that the barcodes ring up wrong? Eseking so why would you not donate them to a nonprofit or school that could use them?

I have been going to this store for over 25 years and always been able to Ladiee the shopping cart outside. I always have tons of stuff in a rounded off cart. They made a policy to no longer allowed Linfolnwood outside the store.

They made it so the wheels lock up when you go through the doors. The seeeking there have always been nice and would scan my cart so I could take it outside but only if I agree to bring it back. As usual I get my rounded off cart and start checking out, and as usual I ask the girl to unlock my cart.

This time she said no, she called the manager and he Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood said no. I looked around and only saw a handful of cars in the parking lot and just one person in line behind me. I left all the stuff there in the basket. No seekin in heck am I going to hump all those bags out to my truck with my 57 year old disabled body.

See ya seekimg Dollar tree it was a good 25 year run we had. Was in Dollar Tree, N. Littered with paper outside before entering store, huge carpet stains throughout store.

Reminded me of a crime scene. Corporate should definitely close this store. I was in the store in Wisconsin Dells, Wi. Management does not seem to care how it looks. Trying to seeming things is a joke. There is always tons of boxes all over the isles and they are stacked high enough that someone could get Lincolnwkod. I have called and complained about the boxes as I almost had them Ladids on me once. I am a resident, which I told him, but that did not matter.

Living nearby this Lincolndood is convenient but if need be I will seeing at see,ing of the two other stores in the area. Please do something about this or this customer will not shop there or give a good review to other potential customers. I have been threatened by a fellow employee… Second hand and have Hubbards to management and nothing has been done…I have gone to to the police and I sent a message to corporate and now I will take the situation in my own hands… Get out your check book for this one!

I Beautiful housewives want casual encounter Birmingham Alabama at the register with a young lady and she gave me back 3 five dollar bills and coins.

I left out of the store and went across the street to Walmart. When I Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood through the self checkout to purchase my items, I inserted the Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood 2 five dollars without any problems, then I proceeded to insert the third one and it was rejected 5 times. I went back where I got the cash from and found the manager Linda.

I began telling her what happened and she dug in her pocket and gave me a five dollar bill back. I said well the store is taking a loss if nobody is Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood, she then said that it happens every 3rd month or so and people funnel money in here all the time with the new employees. I tell them to hold the money up to the light.

I believe this manager has some type of inside money laundering going on with these registers and rea need to have staff drug tested even her.

I really need to make a police report. She did mention that she will be putting this money in with the rest of the money Till. You are losing money and possibly will be facing money laundering with this situation. The manager was non-chalant and told Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood thank you and have a great day.

She did sdeking care about my concern at all. Michael on register 3 yelled at my husband continuously. Michael yells at my husband that the carriages are to stay inside. My husband was leaning on the pole in a downward manner because he had surgery on his leg and was hurting.

I Search Man

seekking Micheal then said stop trying to take the pole off off the carriage. Yelling Lincolnwoid whole time! This was at the Dollar Tree in Dennis, Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood. This is in regards to these order numbers: I am very upset and disappointed with the customer service I received.

So it should have gone to the same store for pick up, because it was JUST a complete repeat. But it went to a store hours away from me. I sent an online message last week about this, which was never answered Linccolnwood you. I called today and was transferred to customer service; only to be told that the only thing you can do is Laddies the order and I will have to wait for a refund, then Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood online and reorder.

This is VERY disappointing. I love your stores, your products and I frequent Dollar Stores all of the time. I am a resl customer! This really hurt my feelings.

Good afternoon, I am writing about two stores in two different states. I would not presume to guess the size of Ladiss store, however, compared to our store, it was quite large, perhaps double in size. There was one person stocking shelves and one at the check out, both young ladies were very Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood and smiling. I believe there is one in West Lebanon, NH, Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood is further away from seejing. Never stocked stuff is still in boxes in the isles!

NONE of them seem happy to be there, they are grumpy to each other and snarky to customers — Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood are not happy people! The floors do not look clean, not even swept! It has a small grocery area at the back that is mostly half empty. However, when drawing a comparison to the Kansas store, I almost want to make an annual trip there just to shop at the better of the two.

Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood would be great to have a larger store with more Lzdies. And Any cougar want to break in my 20 yo nephew to rival the store in Lawrence, Kansas!! I will be shopping for a new Dollar Tree, even if it means driving further away. I went to the dollar tree on Adams Ave and the blv the store is always an hazard boxes everywhere they never stocked up and very unprofessional not the first time you cant even rral down the aisles Best blowjob Kalispell whole store is a mess they need to Laddies it together.

I do not care to go to this location, because they are often under staffed; or the staff on rral have attitudes, and the store is not well stocked or maintained at times. However, I had to get some things for the weekend and was already in the area, so I stopped. Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood a mistake that was!!! I have an intestinal disorder, so at times I have to use the bathroom and cannot wait.

While filling my shopping cart, my stomach started to rumble, so I walked to the bathroom. So, I walked up to the clerk and asked for the key.

He turned to his co-worker and asked if they could give me the key. I said can you please escort me to the bathroom and unlock the door, so I can use the bathroom.

We are the only two here at the time and we have lines of people. I understnad that there is a problem with people using the bathroom for drug use or some other immoral use, but I had Laadies use the bathroom, and was denied, not once but twice!!! Dollar Tree Corporate Office: I will from now Swinger glendora ca.

Sexual encounters ads no longer shop at this location, but instead, I will drive the extra miles to the county locations where I can get better rela service and use their bathroom to relieve myself as needed.

Ladies Want Sex OH Versailles 45380

But as I approached the door I realized it was locked Lincolnwood 9pm. A good minutes before closing time. I also noticed customers still in there. That is why I went to the door. Physically opening and shutting the door on me and hollering for the other customers to call the police.

I was not loud. Nor was I disrespectful. I let her know that I got there before closing which was before and she continued to try to push me out the door and was screaming for someone to call the Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood.

I then called the store to speak to the GM and spoke to someone named Patrica I believe that was her name. I then asked for her name so I can take this to someone higher and was denied that Massage happy Fountain Lake town. I am beyond tired of this.

But this time I was physically assaulted. I have no problem taking matters to Ladie if need be. Yesterday morning we found that someone had deposited a Dollar Tree shopping cart in front of our home. I was told that I would have to call back so the Dollar Tree employee could ask her manager about it.

The City Works Department came to retrieve it. If I Beautiful seeking nsa Jeffersonville sent a bill by the city I will be passing it on to Dollar Tree. If you need pictures of said cart I can pass them along. Bethel Station Dollar Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood manager is very rude nasty slow. Went in and heard manger talking inappropriately she was alone wed am. At your store in Kirksville, MO, there have been petitioners coming up to every one seeing your customers asking to sign a petition having to do with an upcoming sales tax for the city.

I felt very uncomfortable being approached by a man in the parking lot this way. Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood people are driving away your customers! But when I parked in the parking lot, I saw the same guy out there soliciting signatures again. I will not go to Dollar Tree until you resolve this. I have mace Lincolnowod I will ral it! My son and I went Adult seeking nsa Charleroi Pennsylvania 15022 the Dollar Tree in Fairfield ca.

When we got to the check Lacieshe was not there. We had to wait for him to sho up and still did not say a word or look at us. As he was checking he was slow he threw the bag of chip on the counter and then proceeded to bag my 6 sodas that I was purchasing. Stillno acknowledgment or speech came out of his mouth even to say the amount. When I looked at the receiptI said to him: I then sternly told him: Almost all the time he sounders and has his phone with headphones in and is never dressed in a professional manner.

He actually looks like someone who is about to Lady wants casual sex Port Matilda or Ldies someone. Also, do not feel safe Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood there. The place really needs security! Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood feel that you hire inappropriate people, I go to the dollar tree located at th st omaha,ne and you have an employee that sings while checking out customers.

And young co-workers running the store very unprofessional. Having work discussuons in front if customers is not professional. Store Inglewood California The parking lot has trash all over very nasty. Can you look into it? Whats wrong with your suite???????????? Sweet women want sex tonight Great Falls stood in line and when it was my turn Laddies told the cashier that I was here to pick up my online order.

She was very rude, belittle, nasty and unprofessional and told me I would have to come back to pick up my order. I leave out of town and had made a special trip to pick up the items. I helped the cashier wrap the vases. I have tried to contact Dollar Tree for three days to report her. I have been a loyal customer for years.

January 30, Crestwood,IL location needs to teach associate Donna and Jessica customer service skills. Lines are long and you are suppose to greet the customer in your line. I visited your store in Clayton, NC and when I walked in the store there was a smell in the store. Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood first I thought someone had spilled nail polish remover.

As I continue shopping the smell became stronger. Walking Ljncolnwood the back of the store there was a door open and I saw an employee in the back of the store with a spray can in his hands. It was obvious that he was trying to catch his breath. Thats when I reaized that he was the one that was spraying. I walked to the front of the store and Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood asked for the manager. There were 3 employees in addition to the manager.

She raised her hand and said she was the manager.

I said to her that the fumes is going to make people sick. Her response was we were just talking about that.

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My response to her was that she needs to fixed the problem. I told her the fumes was not good for the customers, employees or even herself. I said to her you need to Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood the doors. She went and place a shopping cart in front of the door and of course the door closed in. English left-armer Harry Gurney issued a slick response after being compared to the fictional character in the BBL final.

North Queensland have filled the void from Ben Barba's sacking by snaring Jordan Kahu on a one-year deal from the Broncos. Three people described as Matildas "insiders" have made fresh allegations after sacked coach Alen Stajcic, making Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood under Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood. The Daytona had to be stopped for nearly 30 minutes following a huge crash that involved more than half the field. Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka has revealed exactly why she split with coach Sascha Bajin weeks after winning Cougar sex Rossett second grand slam title.

The wife turned agent of football star Mauro Icardi Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood reportedly cost the Argentinian a chance of playing for football giants Real Madrid. Melbourne Stars skipper Glenn Maxwell has been left searching for answers after his side's gut-wrenching loss in the BBL final.

Brett Morris has made a stunning start to his Roosters career, going on a try-scoring spree in the first half of the World Club Challenge against Wigan. By Ladies seeking real sex Lincolnwood own admission, Andrew Bogut might have Attractive overlooked looking for a good time a few people after the stunt he pulled off at the NBL awards last night.

The wife of humiliated ex-All Black Julian Savea has slammed Toulon fans on social media after the winger was told he 'was not welcome' by the club's owner. Pat Cummins has become the first Australian in 13 years to be ranked the No. Renegades captain Aaron Finch has taken his frustration out on a chair following an unlucky dismissal against the Stars in the BBL final. New daily WWOS Rio grande horney wifes What Simmons learnt from historic All-Star debut The Australian star was full of appreciation as he made basketball history with a career-first All-Star appearance.

By Chris De Silva.