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Crossed is what happens when Garth Ennis goes to his really bad place. Beginning inpeople throughout the world begin coming down with a virus, which is spread through contact with bodily fluids and overcomes its victims almost instantly. Once a human succumbs to the virus, they get a distinctive facial rash across witj forehead and face and a desire to murder, rape, set aflame, desecrate and rape again anyone they come across, like the "reavers" of Firefly.

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Within a day of the virus's appearance, most communities are bands of isolated survivors who are trying to A stay alive and B remember why they want to stay alive in the first place. Crossed is largely devoid of Ennis's trademark Black Humor. It is a grim, grim book, sure to prove an endurance test for most readers. While works like The Boys and Preacher might wallow in silly violence for some sick laughs, Crossed or at least the original actually shows a lot of restraint in how it treats the violence, devoting a lot more time to putting a human face on the misery of the survivors.

The carnage is described a lot more than it's shown, but when it's shown Following wuth success and near-instant optioning of the original series, Avatar Press opted to turn Crossed into a franchise. Need a Providence sex with girl sew in

Nsed consisted of the original series, two follow-up miniseries, an ongoing anthology comic, a spin-off set in the distant future, and two webcomics. On March 13,Avatar announced a series of Crossed "webisodes" written and directed by Ennis, with supplemental webcomics. This apparently got stuck in development hell, as no further word has been said about them.

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That's all there is. You stay the second until the first looks so good you can't ignore it. You don't even want to think about the third.

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You do know, don't you? From the moment we met.

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Up, guards, and at 'em. Harry in The Fatal Englishmanas he is walking behind his friends to one final confrontation with the Crossed: I've asked so much of them.

They've never let me down.

American Rhetoric: Declaration of Independence

And I know with terrible finality that I cannot see them torn apart. Or born again as demons.

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I could see it. The cost weighed against witj benefit. You could see her reading back the little note I wrote her.

You could see her comparing this with that. Watching it made me feel stupid I didn't guess she was the real captain earlier. Dora made Don look like a fumbling middle-manager.

Forgive them father, for they know not what they do. Who do we think we are, Richie? Honestly, I have no idea.

These days I don't think anyone does. But I do know we're not you.

What will Clooney do? Option a, b or c?

Well, it's none of the above, you bastard. I've got a few ideas of my own. I'm going to seriously fuck you up.

Fools4Christ - Resources for communicating the Christian message

You are a crawling manipulative snake wi'oot a spot ay trust for anyone. Och— It's not that you're selfish exactly You cannae even conceive of a world that wouldnae benefit from having you in it.

What, my vocabulary surprises you?

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Because I couldn't speak in complete fucking sentences when I was a year old? You poor retarded fuck. At least the dumb ones don't know how moronic they are.

How pathetically sad must it be, being you? So much for continuity of government.

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Geoff, there's nothing wrong with it And I'd torture them until they were dead and cut them up into pieces, and then I'd bury them beneath my house. Fuckalong, fuckalong, fuckalong Jack! Prime Minister, we have a confirmed report of a nuclear airburst over Delhi.

I know all sorts of things I couldn't have known. It's all going away. It's going along with everything else, down into dark red slurry. But for now— Wth know.