Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog? is a fun open-world sandbox comedy game that was released in 2014 by Fayju for Windows PCs. Amazing Frog? is a singleplayer and up to 4 player split-screen. The game looks goofy and hilarious on the outside, but once you play it, you will realize how much there is to do. If you like games like Goat Simulator or similar ragdoll titles, then Amazing Frog? is definitely going to appeal to you as well. The game is best played with friends and/or kids.

In the game, you take on the role of a super frog that kills zombie frogs, rides pigs, uses guns, becomes an officer and stops criminals from roaming the city, becomes the first astrofrog, and does pretty much anything it wants throughout the gameplay. While playing Amazing Frog?, you will explore the city of Swindon and the world around it. 

Here’s what you will love about the game:

  • super fun concept;
  • frequent updates;
  • tons of content;
  • fun-packed open-world;
  • top-notch ragdoll physics;
  • character customization;
  • unique style and features;
  • heaps of fun consumes, weapons, locations, cars;
  • hilarious fart jokes;
  • fighting sharks and zombies;
  • kid-friendly GTA-ish gameplay;
  • fun for the whole family.

In a way, Amazing Frog? is GTA where you play as a frog. I would definitely recommend this awesome mess-around and keep-you-entertained-for-hours kind of game to everyone who likes a funny open-world adventure. I mean, come on! Who would not want to be a super frog! So hop into the Amazing Frog? game with some friends and have lots of fun exploring its vast and hilarious world!

On the whole, Amazing Frog? is one of those cute and funny games that you don’t play to complete. You play it because you want to mess around and have a good laugh. The game provides hours of immature fun that brings out your childish side, uplifts your mood, and allows you to explore its endless environment non-stop.

If you have kids, the game is exactly what you need —‌ kids absolutely adore Amazing Frog?. But if you’re planning on buying this game just for yourself, watch a couple of gameplay videos first. If you like what you see, buy the game and have a blast playing! Amazing Frog? is a really fun game to release stress at the end of a hard day or just waste some time.

Amazing Frog? is a super fun kid-friendly combination of GTA and Goat Simulator. Yet, according to a lot of fans, the dev team behind the Amazing Frog? the project did manage to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind game. The game provides endless hours of fun and lots of things to do. It may get slightly boring, but only if you play solo. So if you like video games that bring tons of laughs and are pure entertainment, an Amazing Frog? is the perfect title for you. Definitely worth every penny it costs. So get the game, grab a friend, and play away!


  • Excellent stress buster
  • Charming art style
  • Fun and adventurous
  • Great to play with kids
  • Big map, lots of things to do


  • Occasional glitches
  • Lacks online multiplayer
  • May get slightly boring if you play on your own
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Amazing Frog? Amazing Frog?

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