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If you’ve never played Angry Birds, you can be sure to start from Angry Birds 2. It’s the 13th installment in the series, but it’s based on the original gameplay from the first chapter and continues its storyline. The game was released in 2015 and was downloaded over 20 million times in the first 5 days. You can get if for free on App Store and Play Market.

Features and Functions

The story is set after the events of Angry Birds 2 Movie and introduces several new characters. The core gameplay of the game hasn’t changed since Angry Birds. You have to shoot birds from a huge slingshot to break pigs’ forts that are built of wood, stone, and metal. Unlike previous games, you are allowed to choose which birds to shoot at a turn instead of shooting them in the pre-defined order.

Moreover, you can cast spells and save birds. For instance, you can cause the rain of golden ducks or turn the entire fort into fragile ice. All birds and spells are displayed as cards, and you can view only 3 of them at a time. You can tap and hold each of them to highlight destroyable objects and develop a strategy.

Angry Birds 2 involves a system of achievements and friendly competitions. You have to complete 25 levels to unlock the Arena where you can compete with players from all over the world on endless levels with numerous sub-challenges. The more upgrades you unlock, the further stages you can reach. To access elite leagues, you have to upgrade your roster to the maximum.


Angry Birds 2 has significantly improved visuals with higher detalization, particle system, and punches with epic animation. Powerful attacks can even throw pigs out of the screen like in 3D movies. All episodes are set in different locations, including New Pork City, Eggchanted Woods, Greasy Swamp, Misty Mire. They include brilliantly animated backgrounds with waterfalls, erupting volcanoes, etc. New episodes are always forwarded with short animated stories that tell about the antagonist and reveal its motives. These cartoons are hilarious, and we recommend you to watch them to the end.


It’s quite strange that Rovio released the second chapter all these years, but the result is worth anticipation. It’s still a classic Angry Birds game, but it feels so much better to play it! New levels, characters, multiplayer challenges, and mechanics make it incredibly immersive. Angry Birds 2 runs well on devices running Android 4.1, iOS 8.0, and later.

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