Circuit Dude Jumps on More Platforms, This Time It’s Android and iOS

One of the most unusual indie games of the past decade was Circuit Dude, a project by Jonathan Holmes, also known as crait. This platformer became one of the most favorite among the community of Arduboy fans. Then Circuit Dude made it to alternative handheld devices, like PocketGo or BittBoy. Now it’s time for an Android release.

The original version was released in 2016, while Arduboy was quite a new thing, with only a few games but great potential for development. Then, in 2017, the game was ported to other retro-styled consoles, like BittBoy, and colorized. Finally, a project that started in an absolutely indie environment went mainstream. In 2017, Circuit Dude was released on Steam, available for Mac and PC. Not that it was a hit there (compared to success on indie consoles), but the reviews were solely positive.

And now expect for Circuit Dude on mobile devices. The release is scheduled on Thursday, and it will both roll out for Android and iOS, with the price set at $2.99. The next platform to jump upon is probably Nintendo Switch, and Switchers won’t have to wait long: the release is scheduled later this month.

The new platforms, unlike the first indie consoles, won’t let players enjoy early access and seeing the game evolve. Instead, it will deliver all the levels and updates immediately, so it’s rich in content. Probably it’s the best retro-styled platformer of the last years.