Instagram Enables Users Response to DM with Emoji, Facebook-style

The idea of responding to private messages quickly with an emoji turned out fruitful enough. First implemented by Facebook in Messenger, later it inspired Twitter. And now Instagram is doing the same, testing emoji response to direct messages.

This feature has been available in Facebook Messenger for a long, and it worked similarly to responding to statuses and comments with one of six emojis available. It made sense just due to various responses supported, saving words. In fact, one could have just liked a direct message on Instagram long ago.

Thanks to Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer, the innovation went public even before any official statements from Instagram spokespersons. While testing, the complete feature is only available to Instagram employees; others can only see their responses. Confirmation came soon, though. Alexandru Voica, a Tech Comms Manager of Facebook, publicly admitted that the feature had been in testing for two or three months.

Users will hardly find any difference between the emoji set on Twitter and Instagram; Twitter features a heart and a fire instead of “love” and “angry”. The latter reminds the term “flame”, popular back when forums were the main discussion stages online. Instagram emoji probably will bear more similarity to those on Facebook.