5 Best Privacy Apps for Android in 2021

Privacy is the key concern of the past decade, and, for all we know, this concern will only grow in the next years. Leaks and glitches, cyberattacks and espionage are all around – even closer than you might think. Even if you think you are of zero interest to “them”, you are still a part of society, so you have been weighed on the scales and found wanted.

Now that almost everyone has a smartphone or even two, threats are always squeezing in through breaches or backdoors in apps. It doesn’t even have to be illegal: just a couple of lines in the user agreement (don’t pretend you always read it) do the work. If you leave your data without encryption, it may leak out to someone who will use it probably in an indecent way.

If you want your data (and your identity) safe from these issues, you have to pay attention to your privacy and security. There are tools for encrypting your traffic, for detecting suspicious apps, for accessing restricted sites or preventing you from visiting the unwanted ones, and so on.

Are these apps trustworthy? In other words, who watches the watchers? The answer is the entire community. Experts are always examining products by major publishers, and, logically, if a breach is found in any of them, rivals won’t let the failed one get away with it. As for user experience, you can try it, as most of these apps, being commercial and subscription-based, provide a month or so of a free trial.

To hide elements of your identity (like location, IP, or history), you can use VPN services. Not only do they provide safer traffic; they also let you access sites restricted from visiting where you are. No matter if it’s your government or site owners who blocked it for you; VPN will let you in.

Finally, encryption apps will keep your data safe even if your device gets lost or stolen. They also increase security in case someone tries to reach your data remotely. Today’s hardware is quite capable of handling encryption in real-time.

So, here is the list of apps and services that offer you better security and guard your privacy.

Express VPN

Express VPN

There are many VPN services for Android, but this one is among the most powerful. Its servers in 94 countries will provide you virtual location, so you can hide your real identity and visit restricted sites or leave no trace of your visits. The service is great at technical support, and it’s easy to control from your phone. The pricing is quite reasonable too.



It’s an acronym for “Keep Your Media Safe”, and the app is good at keeping itself safe as well. (Hope no spy reads its description). When installed, it disguises itself as a calculator, and it’s quite functional. But as you enter the PIN code, it works as a painting on the wall, revealing a strongbox behind it.

This strongbox can only contain documents, photos, and videos. Even on budget devices, the app is capable of encrypting and decrypting them in real time. A great bonus is a built-in mini browser that lets you download files to KYMS directly. You can also share files directly from KYMS without decrypting and saving in unprotected memory.


Orbot Logo

It’s all about safe browsing. With this layered prox, other apps that connect to the Internet through it reveal much less (down to zero) of your real data, hiding your identity. No more records in browser history. No more sites reacting to your location and storing it in logs. Along with Orbot, you can install Orfox Browser and use it for selected sites. Due to multilevel proxy, your real trace dissolves in between.



If you need one word to describe DuckDuckGo, it’s “UnGoogle”. Its search system is similar to Google or Bing, though the difference is that DuckDuckGo never shares your data to a third party. With DuckDuckGo, no one can hear you scream. As for results, they are mostly as relevant as provided by other search services.

FreeOTP Authenticator

Two-factor authentication is a thing if you are concerned about your accounts on social media and other public sites. Most of them just text you a single code you need to enter to confirm your person. FreeOTP, though, does it in a more convenient way, and its codes are more secure and harder to hack. It is compatible with hundreds of popular services where you can protect yourself with it.

Who Do You Trust?

There are probably other apps you can trust your data with. If you have something to add about any of these apps (for example, recommend a better VPN or a more functional crypt), you are welcome. Leave a comment and enjoy the freedom of speech.