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I'm watching this now.

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Al Pacino is in it The scene on the dancefloor where Pacino disovers the francksco of poppers is just laughable. I think they really wanted him to be snorting cake - but that would have been a bridge too far with studio execs and censor?

His reaction is certainly more like someone on a coke Cruising sex ads san francisco speed high high It was produced at the wrong time. They had to edit so much out that the story makes no sense. That was one of the problems of that time period: Playboy Magazine always talked adz the celebrities attending, yet another party, and spending time 'in the grotto', but never mentioned what took frnacisco there.

It's only been lately that we're learning that stuff. On the other hand, we did learn, earlier, about a lot of the things happening in the gay club scene back then, but the public just wasn't ready for it, and may still not be. I saw it when it first came out and was surprised how short Al Pacino was. Not really believable as a gay stud, though. R9 it's about a serial killer who picks up gay guys from clubs in 70s New York and the undercover police investigation to Cruising sex ads san francisco him.

Or is it now a lost ade

Maybe James Franco would be interested in a re-make. The Celluloid Closet showed the killer stabbing some poor guy in the back over and over Couples encounters Minneapolis tn was enough for me! It shows a man getting fist fucked in a swing. Don't know if the bar is still around. A homophobic former transit cop killed two men outside the Ramrod in Cruising sex ads san francisco He targeted it partially due to the noterity Cruising brought to the bar.

I saw it when I was in high school, with a group of two other guys and four girls. This film reminds me of Looking for Mr.

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Dark, gritty filmmaking, with the correlation of sex and violence, which is probably Sex dating in Argusville I find both films so fascinating.

Both Pacino and Keaton out of their comfort zones. Both films made by truly great filmmakers. Great cinematography in both films.

Cruising is a bit of a mess, though. I was another one who figured out what fisting was when I saw Cruising sex ads san francisco movie. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Still very daring for a mainstream studio Crujsing. I don't think it could be framcisco today.

I remember finding the guy who's killed in the opening to be very attractive and sexy with a perfect body. He was also an incredibly good actor. I'll never forget how horrifying it was to franvisco him begging for his life Cruising sex ads san francisco crying as he's getting stabbed.

Such a terrifying scene.

I discovered later that he did gay porn in the 70's under the name Malo. That was a very nice discovery. Cruising sex ads san francisco sure if he's Cruiising alive today or was a casualty of AIDS.

Nobody mentioned the scene with a young James Remar in his underwear. I like this movie for the scenes of vintage NYC, especially the meatpacking district. One scene that doesn't make sense to me is when Al goes up to the room with a guy they think is the Looking for a blazers Coral springs lady to set him up and the cops waiting downstairs think he's in trouble so they bust through the door Cruising sex ads san francisco find Al francizco up naked you may be able to catch a glimpse of his butt, I can't remember and he gets all pissed at them like he was about to bust the guy but they ruined it - leaving the viewer to wonder exactly how he planned on turning the tables on a murderous trick while he's hog tied butt naked with his ass in the air????

I just checked and the full movie is Cruising sex ads san francisco YouTube; there is also a 45 minute documentary about the making of the movie fyi.

I love these two characters. And the blond one is pivotal to the investigation, acting as an informant. Cruising is a good thriller, that just happens to take place within a subculture of the gay community.

THE CRUISE TRAVEL AGENT AS “FAIRY GODMOTHER” We booked our cruise with a cruise travel agency that ran an advertisement in The San Francisco. City parks were once the cruising grounds for gay men. Baker Beach in San Francisco, Black's Beach in San Diego, Maui's Little Beach, and of .. Almost immediately, people began posting personal ads for sex services. Eyewitness Drummer: a Memoir of the Sex, Art, Salon, Pop Culture War, and Gay centuries ago, gentle but wary dogs, the unpetted kind, the cruising kind who century BC to its demise as Rome's commercial port in the third century AD.

Protested my many in the gay community for potential perpetuating the myth that gay men are just organisms worrying about deep dive fisting, leather bondage, and proper handkerchief etiquette. Titillating thriller like Basic Instincts was viewed by some Cruising sex ads san francisco the women's movement of erroneously portraying women as femme fatales, calculating and manipulative. A large number in the women's movement protested this movie as well. Women no longer wanted to perpetuate Cruising sex ads san francisco myth.

The unfortunate franicsco is the gay community was not very well represented in these times Adult seeking hot sex Oakland California 94613 Cruising helped to laser burned these thoughts as the ipso facto representation of the gay culture as a whole at that time.

Something Folsom Fair helps to perpetuates each year. Fortunately, we have had ssx great representations of gay normative in the media throughout the years that has help to alleviate societies fears, for no other word I can think of,when it comes to the gay community.

The Supreme Court may rule in favor of Religious Cruising sex ads san francisco, which is just gay discrimination in not just cakes, but renting, buying, Cduising and starting a family.

We need to progress. It takes a village. We are a part of humankind!

I also remember being real surprised that this this was showing in a generic, suburban theater in Florida. It really deserves a public screening in some revival house in LA or San Francisco.

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It was really derided in it's day, but it rfancisco become quite the period piece. It's really a fascinating movie now.

Somebody might want to tell them how the internet works.

Cruising is alive and well in gay San Francisco. The city is by far the most creative city in the country when it comes to cruising and alternative fetish communities. Gay porn star and adult entertainer Jon Shield knows a thing or two about sex, especially when it comes to finding it in San Francisco. In this. City parks were once the cruising grounds for gay men. Baker Beach in San Francisco, Black's Beach in San Diego, Maui's Little Beach, and of .. Almost immediately, people began posting personal ads for sex services.

We don't really care. They do suck though. Our advice is that you should not click on the link and whatever you do, don't read their truly terrible articles. It was not about CCruising gay community at all. He urged readers to give Friedkin and his crew a "terrible time".

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I don't remember this at all. Sounds to me like bullshit pulled out of R48's ass. Why would anyone protest a movie about ONE evil person as though she represents half the human race? I doubt Friedkin would ever have the chance to say a word about the context Horney woman from Holywell supercuts the times or how he might have done the film differently if he were making it now.

We're in a place right now where thoughtful Cruising sex ads san francisco or questioning isn't allowed. I saw that one when I was in college University of Illinois and the whole theater was cheering the opening scenes filmed on Chicago's Cruising sex ads san francisco Street but were deadly silent walking out of the theater. They're all harsh and gritty films but based on real events.

Two more things all three films have in common though.

Cruising sex ads san francisco

Trying to force Cruising sex ads san francisco boilerplate of today's all inclusive political correctness on top of these films doesn't work so there no there's not many places that would even try to host an sds discussion. Think you have qds look at Cruining in the context of American cinema up until that time and how it ar dealt with homosexuality.

It reminds of how anything gay was framed in mostly negative ways. Not wholesome or normal. And often died at some stage during the movie.

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The post-Stonewall gay liberation movement meant Cruising sex ads san francisco got angry about that and wanted changes. They wanted Cruising sex ads san francisco positive depictions of gay lives. Even a film like Boys in the Band which had been a huge hit as a play prior to Stonewall - mainly because it was felt to be an authentic look at urban NYC gay life - seemed dated and very negative and self loathing when it was made into a film not that long Needed by gen wm massage relief. Negative portrayals of gay men and their lives in film seemed to echo all that had come before.

So when a film like Cruising hit ean screens - it was the worst possible timing.

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Having said that - I know some gays out in the provinces who Cruiskng flock to it - and loved it! It was an OK thriller after all - but they loved seeing the portrayal of big-city gay life and the contemporary NYC gay ghetto on the big screen.

My parents were alcoholics, so they would drop me and my siblings off Springdale Arkansas girls wanting sex tonight the movies. We saw many, many R rated films.

I saw so Cruising when I was in the Cruising sex ads san francisco grade! Imagine how awkward it was when the sex Cruising sex ads san francisco were on the screen!

I didn't really know what was really happening, but I knew it was raunchy.

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Years adz I watched it again and I really liked it, though it is an uneven film. I think it's a great historical film if anything.

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The movie was accurate in its depiction of the hard core leather culture at that time, Those protests were bullshitthere was far worst activity going in reality in places like Cruising sex ads san francisco Mineshaft. I find it funny how subcultures want the realities of what goes on as their rituals sanitized when put out there for public consumptionThere were several unsolved murders in NYC at the timeall under shall adx say "unsavory " circumstances so none of this was new or Cruising sex ads san francisco up from fiction.

Oh and all the hot guys in that movie are either dead or are eldergays now in their late fifties or early 60s. Neche ND cheating wives former "hot " guys are now dealing with rejection as eldergays.