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What the victims had not conceived of, it all happened, as the chronology of events would unroll. The attitude, Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship, the beastial proclivity, inconceivable self-obsession and individual centralism of the six made the young lady to suffer immense trauma and, in the ultimate eventuate, the life-spark that moves the bodily frame got extinguished in spite of availing of all the possible treatment that the medical habg could provide.

The Texting buddy local adult matchs valley took place at a hospital in Singapore where she had been taken to with the hope that her life could be saved. The friend of the girl relxtionship in spite of being thrown outside the bus along with the girl and the attempt of the accused-appellants to run over them became futile as they, by their slight movement, could escape from being crushed under the bus, and the appellants left them thinking that they were no more alive.

Lying naked, as the clothes were removed from their bodies, they shouted for help and as good fortune would have it, the night patrolling vehicle, a motor cycle, arrived and Lidderdale IA wife swapping said man, Raj Kumar, PW, Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship the shirt to the boy and contacted the reoationship room from which a Bolero patrol van came and they brought a bed sheet and tore it into two parts and gave a piece to each of the victims so that they could cover themselves and feel civil.

The present case is one where there can be no denial that the narrative is long, the investigation has been cautious and to bring home the charge, modern and progressive scientific methods have been adopted.

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Siddharth Luthra, learned senior counsel for the respondent-State, has made indefatigable endeavour to project that the investigation is flawless and exemplary; oug Mr. Singh, learned counsel for the appellants, have severely criticized it as faulty on many a score and that it is Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship biased; and Mr.

Hegde, learned senior counsel, the friend of the Court, in his own way, has highlighted that the investigation is not only flawed but also unreliable which deserves chastisement and warrants rejection. Many facets of the investigation that pertain to recording of dying declaration, recording of statements of witnesses under Section of the Code of Criminal Procedure CrPC Naughty sex mobile fuck buddy Lakhnauti, the medical examination, holding of the test identification parade, the manner and Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship of search and seizure and the procedure of arrest have been seriously commented upon.

That apart, criticism is advanced from many a spectrum to strengthen the stance that it erlationship not meet the ouh and test determined by law.

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Needless to say, the factual score and the investigation have to withstand the test of reliability and acceptability. The appreciation of evidence brought on record requires to be appositely scrutinized to adjudge the fact whether the appellants are guilty of their culpability or there has been public pressure, as alleged, to falsely implicate the appellants or to treat them as guinea pigs to save others and accept the hypothesis that the prosecution has booked them at the instance of some political executives or to save a situation which a disturbed society perceives as a collective catastrophe on the paradigm of social stability and to sustain its faith in the investigation to keep the precept of rule of law alive.

In essence, the submission is that the whole exercise, namely, Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship and trial, has been carried out with the sole purpose for the survival of the prosecuting agency. We have stated in the beginning that Mr.

Singh appearing for the appellants commenced their submission with all the vehemence and sensitivity at their command to strike at the root of the prosecution branding it as suspicious, absolutely unreliable, apathetic to the concept of individual dignity and engaged in maladroit effort to book the vulnerable and the innocent so as to disguise and cover their inefficiency to catch the real culprits. In the course of our deliberation, we shall dwell upon the same and keenly scrutinize the justifiability of the aforesaid criticism.

Presently, we shall advert to the exposition of facts. The prosecution case, as projected, is that on After the show was over, about 8: The deceased and the informant sat on the left side in the row of two-seaters and paid the fare of twenty rupees as demanded. Before they could get the feeling of a safe journey though not a time-consuming journeya feeling Women wants hot sex Covington Ohio Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship suffocation and a sense of danger barged in, for the accused persons did not allow anyone else to board and the bus moved and the lights inside the bus were put off.

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With the lights being put off, the darkness and the fear of the unexpected darkness ruled. The spirit to oppose and the Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship to save the prosecutrix had to die down and perilously succumb to the assault by the accused persons with the iron rods that caused injuries to his head, ouut the legs and other parts of the body and the consequence was that he fell on the floor of Looking to 33463 with anal bus to hear the painful cries of the lady who, he knew, was being treated as an object, an article for experimentation and prey to the pervert proclivity of the six but could do nothing except to hear unbearable cries made in agony and pain.


His spirit was dead, and bound to. As the prosecution story further unfurls, the two accused persons, namely, Pawan and Vinay, pinned the young man down and robbed the victims of their mobiles besides robbing the informant Nude in Indianapolis al his purse carrying a Citi Bank credit card, ICICI Bank Debit Card, his identity card issued by his employer-company, metro card, a sum of rupees one thousand, his Titan Watch, a golden ring studded with jewels and a silver ring studded with pearl, black colour Hush Puppies shoes, black colour Numero Uno Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship, a grey colour pullover and a brown colour blazer.

As per the version of the prosecution, PW-1 was carrying two mobiles and the prosecutrix was carrying only one, and the accused snatched away all an three mobiles.

The overpowering was not meant to satisfy the avarice. As the accusations proceed, after the informant was overpowered, as it could only have a singular result, the accused persons, namely, Ram Singh, Akshay and the Juvenile in Conflict with Law JCL Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship the prosecutrix to the rear side of the bus and she was raped by them, one after the other. After committing rape, the accused Ram Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship since deceasedaccused Akshay and the JCL came towards the informant, PW-1, and nailed him down; then the accused Vinay and accused Pawan went to the rear side of the bus and committed rape on the prosecutrix, one by one.

PW-1 noticed that earlier the bus was moving at fast speed but after sometime, he felt that the speed of the bus was reduced and he saw that the accused Mukesh, who was driving the bus, came near him and hit him with the rod and he also went Random chat 26 Balingup 26 the rear side of the bus and raped the prosecutrix.

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The prosecutrix was brutally gang raped by the accused one after the other and she was also subjected to unnatural sex. Her private parts and her internal organs were seriously injured by inserting iron hnag and hand in the rectal and vaginal region. PW-1 could hear the prosecutrix shouting in a loud oscillating voice.

The accused persons robbed her of her belongings and stripped her.

They also took away the clothes of the informant while beating him with iron rods. Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship accused were exhorting that both the victims be not left alive.

The accused then tried to throw both the informant and the prosecutrix out of the moving bus Milf dating in Andersonville its rear door but could not open it and so, they brought them to the front door and threw them out of the moving bus at National Highway No.

PW saw PW-1 and the prosecutrix sitting naked having blood all around. PW reached the spot and found the victims. He got the crowd dispersed and brought a bottle of water and a bedsheet from the nearby hotel and tore the same into Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship parts and gave it to both the victims felationship cover themselves.

On the way to the hospital, the victims gave their names to him and informed that they had boarded a bus from Munirka and that after some time the occupants had started misbehaving and had beaten the boy and taken the girl prosecutrix to the rear side of the bus and committed rape on her.

Thereafter, they had taken abr the clothes of the victims and thrown them naked on the road.

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As per the version narrated by the prosecutrix to her, it was a case of gang rape in a moving bus by persons when the prosecutrix was returning after watching a movie with the informant. She was slapped on her face, kicked on her abdomen and bitten over lips, cheek, breast and vulval region. The prosecutrix remembered intercourse two times and rectal penetration also. She was also forced to have unnatural oral sex but she refused. All this continued for half an hour and then she was thrown off from the moving bus along with her friend.

Bruise Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship left eye covering whole of the eye Injury mark abrasion at right angle of eye Bruise over left nostril involving upper lip Both lips edematous Bleeding from upper I need a mexican man present Bite mark over right cheek Left angle of mouth injured small laceration Bite mark over left cheek Right breast bite marks below areola present Left breast bruise over right lower quadrant, bite mark in inferior left quadrant Per abdomen:.

Cut mark sharp over right labia present A tag of vagina 6 cm in length hanging outside the introitus There was profuse bleeding from vagina Per vaginal examination:. As the evidence brought on record would show, 20 samples of the prosecutrix Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship taken and sealed with the seal of the hospital and handed over to PW, Inspector Raj Kumari.

At this juncture, it is necessary to state that after the victims were rescued, the informant, PW-1, Awninder Pratap, Chat sexy Kinloch Rannoch his first statement to the police at 3: It was thereafter handed over to S. Pratibha Sharma, PW, for investigation.

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On the same night, i. The prosecutrix was operated by PW, Dr. OT notes have been exhibited as Ex. The second and og surgeries were performed on During the period the prosecutrix was undergoing surgeries one after the other, and when all were concerned about her progress of recovery, the prosecution was carrying out its investigation in a manner that it thought systematic.

The first and foremost responsibility of the prosecution was to find out, on the basis of the information given, about the accused persons.

That is how the prosecution story uncurtains. Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship on the description of the bus given by PW-1, Lady looking casual sex South Coventry offending bus bearing No.

Kripal Singh, went to the spot and found accused Ram Singh sitting in the bus.

On seeing the police, Ram Singh got down from the bus and started running. The police intercepted Ram Singh and he was arrested and interrogated. Personal search was conducted on Ram Singh and his disclosure statement, Ex.

Mukesh & Anr vs State For Nct Of Delhi & Ors on 5 May,

P1, vide Seizure Memo Ex. PW seized the seat cover of the bus of red colour and its oout of yellow colour. The Investigating Officer also seized the key of the bus, Ex.

The documents of the bus were also seized. The disclosure statement of Ram Singh, Ex. PW, Investigating Officer, also recovered ashes and the partly unburnt clothes lying near the bus which was seized vide Memo Exhibit No. The Investigating Officer prepared the site plan of the place where the bus was parked and from where the ashes relafionship found.

The arrest of accused, Ram Singh, also led to the arrest of two other accused persons, namely, accused Vinay Sharma and accused Pawan Kaalu.

What is ANR/ABF relationship?

Girl gets fucked from Jeffersontown Besides that, he got recovered his bloodstained clothes from the garage of his brother at Anupam Apartment, Saidulajab, Saket, New Delhi.

He opted to undergo Test Identification Parade. Accused Pawan was apprehended and arrested about 1: In his disclosure statement, Pawan pointed out Munirka bus stand where the prosecutrix and PW-1 boarded the bus and memo Ex.

He also pointed at the spot Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship PW-1 and the prosecutrix were thrown out of the bus and memo Ex. Further recoveries were made pursuant to his supplementary disclosure. Similarly, accused Pawan Kumar got recovered from his jhuggi his bloodstained clothes, shoes and also a wrist watch make Sonata and Rs. His disclosure statement was recorded.

The mobile phones of the accused persons were Mature Pontivy granny sex and call details records with requisite certificates under Section B of Indian Evidence Act were obtained by the police. After getting arrested, all the accused were medically examined.

The MLCs of all the accused persons show various injuries on their person; viz. Akhilesh Raj, has opined that the injuries mentioned at point Q to Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship could possibly be struggle marks. Similar opinions were received in respect of other accused persons.

Shashank Pooniya, has opined that the injuries present on the body of accused Akshay were a week old and were suggestive of struggle as per MLC, Ex. While the arrest took place, as indicated earlier, the victim underwent second and third surgeries on The second surgery was performed on the prosecutrix on Raj Kumar Chejara, along with his operating team consisting of Prof. Aruna Batra and Date or hang out 4th of anr relationship.

Rekha Bharti were present along with the anaesthetic team. The clinical notes, Ex. The prosecutrix was re-operated on As the condition of the prosecutrix did not improve much, the prosecution thought it appropriate to record the statements of the prosecutrix. The said statements have been conferred the status of dying declaration.

As is noticeable from the evidence, PW also deposed that certain exhibits were collected for examination such as outer clothes, i.

Usha Chaturvedi, Sub-Divisional Magistrate.