Fortnite is a phenomenally popular third-person battle royale shooter by Epic Games. The game was initially published in 2017 and gained worldwide popularity in just a few months. Today, you can play immersive, dynamic battles with over 250 million other live players from all over the world on all major gaming platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. The game is free to play on all platforms. You can buy battle passes only if you want to.

Graphics – 5/5

Although some players don’t like the funky style of the game, I can’t deny that the game looks great even despite the cartoony design of characters and objects. The visual part of the title is powered by the proprietary engine of the developer, Unreal Engine 4, which is one of the most advanced kits on the market so far.

Of course, the best quality is available only to the owners of powerful high-end PCs, but Switch and mobile gameplay look really good compared to other handheld installments in the battle royale genre. Moreover, the game graphics have been drastically reworked after the launch of Chapter 2, so it looks much better than in 2017.

Controls – 5/5

The control scheme of Fortnite was developed to let you enjoy pure TPS gameplay on high match speeds. You can set the highest sensitivity that you can deal with and smash other pros in the multiplayer without problems. Still, you have to ensure that you have the best Internet connection quality to get the most out of your system and apply your skills to the full.

Game Plot – 5/5

There’s no traditional plot in the game. Instead, the developers publish a new season every two months to brighten up gameplay and add something new to the narrative of the multiplayer Fortnite island.

The gameplay core always remains the same and awesome, though. When you enter the game, you can create a unique character in the advanced editor and join the game right away. The system will automatically adapt the level of difficulty to your current experience level and collide you with 99 other players who have the same level as you.

Your mission is to eliminate as many opponents as possible and manage to survive until the end of the round. The only way to do it is to shoot everyone who tries to stop you! All 100 players have the same purpose, so every match is incredibly hot and challenging!

Worth a Repay? – 5/5

Replayability could be a good second title for this game. You are allowed to play an unlimited number of rounds every day and progress at your own pace. No matter when and on what device you want to join a match, the system will let you in very fast.

Battle Royale at Its Best

After 3 years of resounding success on the market, Fortnite is still growing and becomes better with every new season. You can join the game anytime and enjoy the most dynamic TPS gameplay of all time on any of your devices.


  • Available on many platforms
  • Frequent content updates
  • Fast and furious gameplay
  • Bright and juicy graphics


  • Some don’t like the design style
  • Extremely addictive
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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