Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a customization sandbox game where you can create a story with your own anime-style characters. It is available for Android for free, yet you can buy additional cosmetics or designs for premium currency. A Studio mode allows you to situate the characters in a certain environment. Plus, Gacha Life has many NPC which are very talkative and generous. They will give you some side quests or even play a mini-game with you.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics represent the main appeal of this game. You will definitely enjoy bright colors, cute animations, amazing detailed outfits, stunning backgrounds, crazy hairstyles, and so on. Unless you are not fond of anime, then it looks too cartoonish.
Moreover, you can put on hundreds of anime outfits on your character, matching them as you like. This way your avatar will look unique indeed.

By the way, the excellent appearance of your character will be useful not only in the stories you created but in the game chat too. There you can connect with other members of the international Lunime community, chatting and roleplaying. 
All available backgrounds are not shown at the same time in one place. You will go on adventures to earn some of them like school or pharmacy. Also, if there is a lack of a certain background, it is possible to buy it in the in-game shop.

Controls: 10/10

You are not going to think much about the controls while creating and customizing your character. They are too simple to remember; after all, it is just a touchscreen. However, it will be useful to learn some control combination for Gacha Games. There are 8 of them, and they feature quite a different playstyle. The Studio mode is not that easy too, because you need not only to choose the right background but also set up certain poses for your characters. Overall, the controls are comfortable. 

Lasting Appeal: 8/10

Gacha Life game can be proud of its multilingual community in spite of being only in English. People feel the urge to be the creator, and the game is perfect for executing their ideas. The interface is charming, and the mini-games are amusing, the Studio mode is completely captivating. It is likely to play only using basing hairstyles, outfits, and backgrounds. Lunime Studio updates the game with free new stuff too.

Difficulty: 2/10

You should not worry about Gacha Life’s difficulty. The game is all about creativity, and it would be a sin if there were some hindrances during the process. It is possible to face difficulties if you play Gacha Life on an old device or one with a resolution less than 4K. Then you will experience not so pleasant frame freezes.


Gacha Life is a superb game for people with a plethora of ideas and free time. If you are guilty of artistry, we recommend you to install it. The game’s only cons are anime style (if you are not a fan of it) and freezing on old devices.



  • Diverse and fresh
  • Nice character-builder
  • No linear plot
  • Multiplayer
  • Smart and funny.


  • Too many ads
  • Somewhat glitchy.
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