Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythmic platformer, an abstract 2D game that requires you to jump at certain moments to reach the end of the level. It would have been just a platformer if not for the music integration. Download Geometry Dash and play this bright and loud game!

Rhythm Is a Player

Geometry Dash looks just as simple as it sounds. You control a square with a drafty face that moves at a fast pace along the level, from left to right. On its way, there are obstacles, from sharp peaks to hard walls, that you should avoid. In order to do that, you need to jump at exactly the right moment. You have just one life: if you fail, you have to restart all over. In Practice mode, you start where you stopped, but it gives you no reward.

It would have been a mission impossible if not for the music. If you feel the rhythm, you’ll easily figure out the moment when you should tap the screen to jump. This makes the game a rhythmic challenge as well. If you’re a musician or a DJ, you’ll progress through it easier. Along with levels, the game features various challenges.

You can select other shapes for your character, and each of them has its unique features. For example, a bigger cube jumps higher, and a plane can fly up and down. They utilize different control manners: for example, a cube jumps as you tap the screen, and a plane rises as you hold your finger and declines as you release it. Despite the simplicity, the game has lots of options and variations.

As for a bit nostalgic feel, it’s created by both music and visuals. The soundtracks deliver the delight of early techno tracks, and the picture is reminiscent of the Golden Age games, especially of platformers. Now this feeling is available on your mobiles and on Windows 10 as well.

Community Hit

Quite a simple arcade in its premise, Geometry Dash is, in fact, an invitation to create together. Does it utilize music? Okay, composers and DJs offer their tracks for new levels. Its visuals are simple? Let’s draw more maps! The game even includes a built-in map editor, and players can download extra packs for free if they have bought the game.

It can be hard, so hard that it’s frustrating. On the other hand, that’s what we in 2020 love platformers for.

The game exists in two versions: free and paid. The paid one offers you much more content and no ads. But both share the challenging hardness and the design reminding the Golden Age that we love this game for. Formally, a level takes up to two minutes. But in fact, you can spend hours trying to master it, and the feeling will be a mix of frustration and pride when you do it.

Do we recommend Geometry Dash?

If you like simple abstract games that offer you a real challenge, and if you’re sure you won’t break your device against the wall after the next failure, then install Geometry Dash right now. It’s more than just an arcade: it’s a cultural phenomenon in its own right.



  • Unique visual and musical style
  • Challenging difficulty with just one life
  • Lots of user-created maps and levels
  • Nostalgic yet quite modern feel


  • Can get too frustrating
  • Its blinking may cause unexpected effects
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