Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a first-person horror action game by an indie developer from Russia, Dynamic Pixels, and the tinyBuild publisher. The game was published in 2018, but it remains a popular horror franchise on all major platforms. This game can really scare you by mixing psychological pressure mechanics with a surrealistic environment and an unusual narrative that can puzzle you. The game is available for iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Graphics – 4/5

I can’t call Hello Neighbor a graphical breakthrough as it’s an average indie release powered by the popular Unity Engine. However, the developer managed to present an incredibly creative level design and visual style to the gaming society. Hello Neighbor is different from anything you’ve played before. Dynamic Pixels created a tiny surrealistic world that’s full of secrets and suddenness. It makes you feel yourself within those colorful childhood nightmares that turn out to be scarier than top-rated horror movies.

Controls – 5/5

The game features a basic layout of controls. Due to this, you won’t feel a dramatic difference while playing on your smartphone and a PC. Of course, the grip on a console controller or a PC mouse feels much better to many of us, but the touchscreen version feels quite good too. I didn’t feel too slow or clumsy while playing on my iPhone. If you hate touchscreen, but you don’t have a Switch, get a USB-C or Bluetooth controller.

Game Plot – 5/5

The plot of Hello Neighbor tells about a young boy who lives in an average American suburb. However, his neighbor, Mr. Peterson, doesn’t seem to be a normal middle-aged man. Although he pretends to be ok, Nicky notices that Peterson keeps someone in the basement against the will. He hears desperate screams of a man and decides to investigate the deal.

Things get tougher when he gets into Peterson’s house and discovers that his neighbor is incredibly attentive, quickly learns to detect where the boy was and can install beartraps and other dangerous things on his way. In fact, the neighbor’s AI is quite tricky, so you have to be attentive to avoid being caught.

Worth a Repay? – 4/5

Although the game has a very exciting plot, it’s not very exciting to replay it because you won’t discover anything new by starting it from the very beginnings. On the other hand, you can try to beat the Neighbor on different difficulty levels, which is exciting if you’re a hardcore player. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, but you can try the Secret Neighbor spinoff to fix it.

Stealth & Horror

Hello Neighbor is a high-quality horror franchise that will scare you multiple times for sure! It’s also a tricky puzzle that involves a lot of stealth action to test your surviving skills. The game’s AI will try to beat you all the time, so you will have a lot of scary fun.


  • Unique surrealistic style
  • Available for all major platforms
  • Several difficulty levels
  • Exciting plot


  • It’s rather short
  • No multiplayer
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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