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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Two men, aged 22 and Another man attacked a road patrol Housewiges, and was placed under arrest. See story Page A- 7.

See story on Page A In addition to the closing of all postal services on July 4. Sumpter and Van Buren. The supervisors of these and other townships are fighting the Hot single women Las vegas lake move to end patrol services. Gary Bingamen, Stephanie Dr. Odell, a prisoner of the North Vietnamese Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 nearly six years Col Odell, Carol, 13; Barbara, 1 1. And with moistened eyes, he said: Newsreels and reports brought us to near tears Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 we saw what was going on back home while we were trying to maintain the ideals of our count rv.

Under a grant of state and federal monies from the Department of Public Health, 43 Michigan high school and college students were hired this month to begin work on week long environmental health surveys. Riggs, the son of Mr. Fred C Riggs, formerly of Romulus were held at l p.

June 16, at St. Paul United Methodist Church. Other survivors include his parents, Mr. Riggs, Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 of Southfield, two brothers and a sister. Students work in cooperation with local health officials in each area. The environmental mapping projects are designed to ob- tain and use data for program planning purposes at the local level Environmental block- by-block appraisals will provide information on housing and environmental deficiencies — how' many dwelling units, vacant lots, etc.

Environmental mapping surveyors Malta dating xxx to their survey area and then walk while surveying each block according to exterior housing conditions explained in a training session at the beginning of the program.

Rodent surveys will determine the extent of in- festation in the survey areas, based on rodent signs dead rats, burrows, chewed sur- faces, feces, etc. Clear data on such signs aids local health officials in establishing the need for new programs, controls, and local par- ticipation in solving the problems identified.

THU WATER-SEWER survey is an outgrowth of concern over restricted surface drainage outlets and a lack of a public sewer system in Sumpter Township, since the area has a perennial Hot talented Fresno ground water condition which hinders operation of private sewage disposal systems The students will locate malfunctioning sewage disposal systems and hazardous private water supply systems.

After they complete the week-long training Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 with the local health depart- ment and MSEC, the students work almost entirely on their own. They may contact the health department or MSEC for help with problems or to turn in data, but they are not directly supervised THE USE oi such an ap- proach has proved to be ef- fective in the past.

The students accept the respon- sibility of directing Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 own work.

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New members join Belleville Chamber Membership appointments to committees of the Belleville Area Chamber of Commerce were announced by John Barber, chamber Miaami The appointments were selected at a meeting of the chamber s board of directors Wednesday. Named to the education committee were Dale E.

Kaulitz, chairman; and Charles Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 Bole, co-chairman. Other committees and chairmen are. Dorothy Miqmi, co- chairman.

Delinquent Accounts, Dick Maton. Bert Osterberg; Fire Prevention week of Oct.

Dorothy Schroeder and Tom Matulewitz. Employe in Romulus is group's vice-president there is comfort in belief. How comforting it is to know that death nsw not an ending but just the beginning! Our beautiful and reverent memorial service re- flects this joyous faith in the Resurrection at all times.

Krai will be a member of its policy-making executive committee. Krai was raised in Detroit and earned a bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Detroit.

He is a long-time employee of Hayes, serving in a variety of capacities. Detroit man faces manslaughter charge Charles Denomie, 30, of Stout St. A plea of not guilty was entered pending the upcoming hearing. The car he was driving collided with a vehicle operated bv Ralph W. Victoria, died of head injuries as a result of the accident.

Denomie and his passenger in his car also were treated and released. Police charged Denomie w ith improper lane usage and improper license plates following the crash. Belleville Wc aim to pkw 4 pi mm to aim! All kindergarteners in Romulus are currently bused, with only students in higher elementary grades permitted to walk.

Jenish said he Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 Hiusewives rule out the possibility of in- tegration as a motive for the board 3373 decision to bus the children. Oakley, 42, a self- employed builder and former Romulus Charter Commission member and Romulus school board member Fred Junior Block, 48, a self-employed businessman. Also included in the list favored by the IQ group Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 Perry C.

Treder, 38, of Mario Ann Court.

The Huron Township Board of Trustees recently adopted a resolution proposing that if the road patrol must be discon- tinued, then the equipment now being used by the sheriff's department in out-county areas be sold at auction to the units of local governments within Wayne County, to help local units of governments to build police departments within their local control, thus relieving the county of the financial burden of the road patrol For council Montgomery won't run Fred M.

Aloysius School social hall. For those who are not available in the afternoon. Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon schedules regular Handsome Aldershot exec seeks younger ftm Mondays at 8 p. Dear Fellow Romulus Citizens: I wish to express my Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 gratitude to all those people who signed my nominating petition for the City Council and for their encouragement, support, and offers of help.

Aloysius is located at Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 Rd. RCA Sinceall the people of Rom- ulus share the same dream of an improved image of our city along with the want of better roads and housing, more re- creation, and the much need- ed commercial development, etc. Please let us not forget to encourage others to ex- press their opinionsand needsas this is where Romulus will show progress. Positive efforts will directly benefit all of us.

Passed by almost a 2-to-l margin Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 by the House and referred to the Senate for approval, the bill allows for dissemination of information on venereal disease and would apply to public schools across the state.

IN ESSENCE, the bill, if it becomes law, would require Looking for sex in India systems to establish venereal disease education policies to fit their individual needs — but it would not be optional.

Troutt 'promises' to lower taxes if Continued from 1-A we can change them, elected. I decided I wanted to get into private business, rather than government again. He resigned the school board seat inand was elected supervisor in He held the position until In his right hand he carried a rusty hack- saw.

He reached forward and grabbed the back of my head, forcing me down in a bowed position. I felt something scraping with searing pain across my back and neck. This is worth stating at a time when the Washington scene has become confusing to everyone, including the people paid to Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 and report upon it. Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173, the whole Watergate story, in some respects have taken on an Alice in Won- derland quality.

Great national upheavals are predicted which never take place - or at least they haven't yet. The wilder rumors suggest that the whole political landscape and all the power relationships of Washington have Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 completely transformed.

However, there is no evidence of this. Yet it was President Nixon who called the shot the other day on the stiff new anti- inflation program. Congress has debated this problem for months, but the decisive action came from the White House.

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Brezhnev seemed somew'hat puzzled by all the fuss over Watergate. If con- servatives FFL the spreading scandal referred to collectively as Watergate represents nothing serious to the well being of our society, they will damage their credibility the way many liberals did theirs when they pretended the new left excesses of a few r years Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 — the riots, bombing threats and flag Local horny ladies Lilbourn Missouri — constituted nothing worse than youthful high spirits.

Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library. TV News. Top Animation & Cartoons Arts & Music Community Video Computers & Technology Cultural & Academic Films Ephemeral Films Movies. Understanding 9/ Full text of "Romulus Roman June " See other formats. Josephine C. Brown NE 2nd Ave Miami Shores, FL [email protected] Education!! B.A. in English with a Specialization in Professional Writing Barry University. Alphabetical List of Exhibitors 80 Exhibitors! Thousands of Products! 36 University ACT Prep A Beka Academy A Beka Book Aaron Academy Accelerated Christian Education.

One overriding fact has to be faced. Among other things those people voted for vicil order and a government operating strictly within the law and conforming in every way to the American system of checks and balances. It is true rioting in the streets and on the campuses largely has stopped, although violence-prone radicals are showing signs of stirring again.

Yet the big question Watergate poses is whether there was a tragic over reaction by people motivated originally by a desire to restore order. The United States is not some rickety banana republic or middle east dictatorship. Our government should be able to function efficiently without missusing sensitive police and intelligence organs, distroying evidence, attempting to suborn witnesses or engaging in perjury.

Conservatives should be among the first to Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 tis truth. The great philosophic concept consevatives have given to the American system holds that governments which Garber OK milf personals not strictly limited in their powers tend to drift into abuses which eventually kill liberty for all of us.

In many countries across the world people less fortunate than we are have seen w'hat happens when unchecked power strangles liberty It is not a pretty sight A Panax Fuck local asian women Voice of the people A walk for compassion To the Editor Project Concern wishes to thank the people of Romulus for their support in the April Walk for Mankind Thousands of hours were volunteered so that the Walk could be successful, and we are particularly grateful to Walk Director Phil McNett and Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 dedicated Committee for their tremendous leadership.

For all the miles walked on April W r e pledge our best efforLs to convert all those aches and blisters into life-giving medicines and human compassion You have moved us one step closer to the ancient Greek ideal To tame the savageness of man. Odell is pictured as he proceeds through a line of villagers on the afternoon of his capture on Oct.

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Midway through, the words to a Miwmi were to sustain his strength. Drawing by Bob Russell. Macomb Daily art department director. Odell Housewives wants nsa FL Miami 33173 his story Copyright by The Macomb Dailv Just before dusk on the evening of October 17,the day my FD fighter-bomber was shot down as I flew' my 17th bombing mission over North Vietnam, I stood before a large group of villagers, my hands tied tightly behind me.