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Let the seed of Macclesfield grow

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Shift your esed slightly and, like a botanical version of the ugly duckling story, many of Let the seed of Macclesfield grow so-called weeds will grow into lovely wildflowers. Left alone, a modest expectation from your turf would be pretty little plants such as daisies, speedwell, self-heal, buttercups and clovers. But oxeye daisies, cowslips and even orchids might appear too.

Just as in wildflower meadows across Britain, each with their own regional character and identity, your soil type will determine which flowers will grow. Gardening on acid soil?

You never quite know what to expect from your no-mow patch, which is a large part of the pleasure for me. Once the grass and flowers have been allowed to grow, the key to maintaining your mini-meadow is through your diary of mowing.

Much Maxclesfield the grass seed that pops up on the tips of the blade may actually be sterile-so don't expect bare patches to miraculously fill in. And, when you do mow, you're not following the one-third rule, which lawn maintenance professionals know to be "not cutting off more than one-third of your grass blade during a mowing session.

Creating the flowering seed is a lot of work for each blade of grass. When you let your lawn go to seed, you're letting it divert energy it would normally use to grow strong and healthy, and let it instead concentrate on flowering.

It will also signal to the grass that it doesn't need to produce as many beneficial rhizomes, leading it to stop repairing itself, and essentially making your lawn look worse. Well they seem to grow on my compost heap when I chuck them, so can't imagine it's any more difficult than just putting it in a pot in soil!

They are trees though so don't expect to get a harvest unless you have a Kew sized greenhouse! Like Vicky I find they grow pretty well in the compost bin or wormery, then fish it out and plant Lrt up.

No fruit but an interesting house weed for a while before after a couple of years they go a bit Let the seed of Macclesfield grow round the edges, drop their Maclcesfield and turn into a stick.

There's usually another one on it's way to take the place,though. I Skinny Townsville girl needs they're not keen on dry centrally heated houses, but if you could give it more humidity perhaps they's last longer.

Maybe I should try the next one in the bathroom instead of the living room.

Join Date Jan Location windy east coast, sandy soil Posts 30, Avocados are a tropical fruit more suited to the humid regions of Mexico and Central America You are unlikely to get fruit where you live, sorry.

All gardeners know better grkw other gardeners.

I had two very large Chilean Avocado seeds which i was interested to see sprout. Of course the seeds will tell you soon enough whether you've hot the sweet spot.

I find I need to insulate my seed starting box even indoors. For my main seed starting I run the lights with just a short off period when it is warmest in the evening to produce a more even temperature.

Then I move to having a longer off period at night to help any plants that wanted it a little cooler.

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I might give a few days of baking heat if I have certain seeds that aren't coming up, like Echinocactus but strangely also Pediocactus. For most cacti the day is 25CC and the short "night" around 20C. That covers most cacti.