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Lookin to chill and play Wanting Adult Dating

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Lookin to chill and play

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I'm not waiting for dates or anything but I like women who are into badboobsery and things of the sort. I'm a big Lookin to chill and play and I hope I'll have better luck here. And, admittedly, as a visual expression fhill my own 
unique brand of sexual interests. If you are not and want to share that bottle of wine Married housewives seeking sex Saguenay purchased, let me know what company I told you I work for.

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Lookin to chill and play I Am Want Nsa Sex

Hey, im looking for chill, laid back people to play dayZ standalone with. More than anything im looking for cool people, i dont care about ur hours in the game, Lokoin bad or good ur at the game, ur veteran or a noob, personality comes first. Mostly looking for EU players, coz time differences and pings gonna be a bitch. More often than not i just like Lookin to chill and play fuck around in dayZ, play it for fun, but from time to time i dont mind doing some try hard sniping, or heli huntin.

Lookin to chill and play

So hopefully someone will get plah at me, no supah tryhards pls, and no clan or community bullshits. I would play with you, but I'm not 18; I'm Still OK at the game though.

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Loookin Add my Steam if Lookin to chill and play want: Sorry dude, but from experience i can tell, that big age difference matters a lot. Its hard to find common ground with someone whos 10 years younger than you. It does matter, u live school and video games life, i live real life, work life.

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Life at age of 15 and 25 is day and night, ive been 15 Lookin to chill and play, trust me. That's like saying because a different friend of yours has a shorter work time than you means he can't do anything with you at all.

Lookin for chill ppl to play with :: Dead Frontier 2 General Discussion

pllay Im not talking schedule, im talking life experiences. When i talk about real work, u dont know how it is, when i talk about living on my own earning money myself, having a relationship u know. Same would happen if i would try to talk with a year Lookin to chill and play, i would have so much more less life experience, dats why it would be hard to have a common ground to stand for.

I m just looking for people around my age. You aren't going to find very many adults on this forum then.

Lookin for chill people to play with [PS] - Forums

Might wanna go start your search somewhere else. Hi, I just started playing and am looking to join some people.

Let me know if you're still looking. Hey names anthony im 24 and looking to start a small squad of people im pretty well off with game knowledge. Add me on skype bloodysnowcone.

I play on private servers mostly, i dont really give a shit which ones, as long as they almost full. I gave up on that all together since even people that Roleplay are dicks mostly since dayz lets you do all the shit you dream of doing in real life. I've chhill on 0.

I'll check back in june or something since the trend is 1 major update every 3 months and the people no trying to make a point showing off a skylake K 16 gigs DDR4 mhz TI in SLI. I'll start playing dayz once its actually boosted and optimized performance wise.

Lookin to chill and play

Steven, 32 years of age, Loikin got another PC today and started DayZ, not been on it in over a year and trying to get back into it all. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Posted February 19, edited.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 19, Posted February 20, Age doesn't really matter, but maturity does.

Whatever floats your boat. Posted February 21, What's wrong with different schedules?

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Posted March 2, Posted March 3, Looking for savage manhunters to play on UN with. Posted March 3, edited. Edited March 3, by Tigermonk.

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Posted March 16, edited. Posted March 16, Have a life out-with sitting on the computer, chilled out, relaxed and not too broad a scot: P PM'd you buddy. Posted March 21, edited. Im 28 years old, EU-timezone.

Looking for some chill people to play Fortnite with! : PSNFriends

Edited March 21, by Dahnarius. Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing Recruitment.

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