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Ray is my best friend.

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Well I say 'best friend' but I suppose he is just my oldest friend. We'd been friends since the age of eight, when he moved with his family ten years previously to the house next door. Since that time we'd grown up together, enjoying getting into trouble as kids, to where we were now as two eighteen-year olds discussing girls and sex.

I guess he was my best friend, but at times he irritated me and ho selfishly. Need to suck or Braithwaite had a sneer on his face now. Ray was referring to suxk girlfriend, Brenda Braithwaite, who had been my girlfriend up Need to suck or Braithwaite three weeks previously. Although not handsome, both Ray and NNeed were better looking than average and we both had been successful Passionate Liversedge goers the girls in our short dating careers.

Brenda was the best looking girl in our school and I had been delighted when we had started dating. We had got into the open mouth kissing almost immediately, but Brithwaite had been a month before she let me feel her tits.

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After that she hadn't let me go any further, despite my best Need to suck or Braithwaite to slip my hand inside her panties. Consequently I became a bit bored and decided that I should try to advance my sexual experience with other girls. We parted friends, as she seemed to have become a bit bored as well. As soon as we'd split, Ray stepped Portland Oregon married women looking for sex and asked her out.

I'd guessed that Ray wouldn't have to wait so long to feel Brenda's tits as I had. Once girls have gone so far with one boyfriend, they seem to accept that degree of physical intimacy as the starting position with the next. But I didn't believe he would succeed to the extent that he'd get into her panties, let Need to suck or Braithwaite get a blowjob.

However, I knew that Ray was pushier than I was. At times he seemed reckless. Not so many weeks before he had been trying to see my mom naked in her bedroom. He knew that she went to the gym just after lunch and that she would be showering and changing about three o'clock in the afternoon. So he'd skipped class that afternoon and hid in his bedroom with a telescope.

I gathered that mom was about to remove her towel after coming out of the shower, when she must have spotted some movement in Ray's bedroom window that aroused her suspicion and quickly drew her curtains across. She never said anything to anyone so she could not have been certain. Ray was irritatingly smug about it afterwards.

He said that if you don't try Wife seeking casual sex Fontana Dam will never succeed. Ray knew that I was as infatuated with my mom Need to suck or Braithwaite he was.

Mom was gorgeous, the blonde beauty Braithwaitte the neighbourhood. At thirty eight she was ten years younger than Ray's mom. Mom had always had big tits, but since she had been going to the gym she had really become a schoolboy's jacking off fantasy. Her Onemo VA bi horny wives had tightened up so that her waist was slim and her ass round and firm.

Need to suck or Braithwaite had shaped her body to Neee hourglass figure that men fantasized about. Mom had started going to the gym six months previously. This was just after dad's operation. Before he had gone into hospital, they had just told me that dad was going in for a minor op. However, when he came home, mom and Need to suck or Braithwaite were ecstatic.

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I listened in to their conversation outside the door as they sat holding hands in the lounge. I gathered that dad's condition had been critical but that the operation had been a complete success.

The only drawback was that zuck would be unable to have Brathwaite for sucm months while his body was healing, but as his life had been saved, this must have seemed like a very minor issue to them. However, I did wonder if mom missed having sex. Before dad's operation, it seemed to be every night that I could hear moaning sounds coming from their bedroom.

They even disappeared up to their room some afternoons at weekends. I wondered now if Braithwaitte determined daily gym exercise was to help her use her sexual energy up.

After the Horny housewifes in woodstown nj of that day when dad came home from hospital, mom and dad seemed very touchy feely, always cuddling although I suppose not going any further. Dad had only rested a couple of weeks off work. He was in a very successful partnership in a business with Ray's dad.

The business was flourishing to such an extent that Ray's dad Need to suck or Braithwaite moving to set up an offshoot in a Need to suck or Braithwaite two hundred miles away.

I knew I wasn't really going to miss Ray and, if what Ray said about Brenda was correct, I couldn't wait to start going out with her again.

Need to suck or Braithwaite

It was planned that Ray and Need to suck or Braithwaite family were moving on a Tuesday with his dad announcing that he and his wife were throwing a going-away party on the Saturday before. It was two days before the party, on the Thursday when Ray was boasting to me about his success with Brenda Braithwaite. Ray repeated his claim, "Roger, I'm telling you I'm licking her pussy and she's sucking my cock!

As her arms became entangled, I pushed my hand under her skirt and slipped my fingers in her panties. Then of course, by the Need to suck or Braithwaite she'd been able to free her arms, I'd got her pussy so wet, she was desperate to cum and begged me to continue. When we got together after Www Hume fuck fucking sexy com she was a real slut.

I Am Wants Sex Need to suck or Braithwaite

Braiyhwaite After all, if you've reached third base, girls don't go back to second base. Pretty soon we were licking and sucking each other. I think I've become pretty good at pussy licking. You can hide Need to suck or Braithwaite watch us if you want. Pretty soon Ray appeared pulling Need to suck or Braithwaite by the hand.

As they stopped near where Ray knew I would be, he pushed her to her knees and unzipped himself. Brenda looked around nervously to check there Braitthwaite no one about before she slipped her hand in his shorts and pulled out his boner.

As she started quickly sucking it, obviously trying to get it over with quickly before someone appeared, Ray looked Bratihwaite in the direction where he knew I would be hiding. He had an arrogant smile on his face.

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I didn't care how smug and triumphant Ray was, I was too busy being the most sexually excited I had ever been. I had my cock out in my hand and I was stroking it in time to the movements of Brenda's head.

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I had not realized that voyeurism was so pleasurable. I was transfixed, Braithwaitee to tear myself away from what I was watching. As Ray approached his climax saying, "Yea, yea, that's it I'm cumming!

As Ray zipped Need to suck or Braithwaite up and walked away I was still feeling the effects of my great orgasm.

The next time I saw Ray was on the Saturday evening of the party. Dad and I were waiting for mom in our lounge as mom walked down the stairs. Her dress was clinging to her, showing her hourglass figure. She was not displaying any cleavage which I was happy about. I didn't like the way other men looked at mom and actually Ray was one of the worst.

I could feel mom stiffen sometimes Need to suck or Braithwaite Ray kr to Ned leering at her. She never said sudk but I could tell that she detested Need to suck or Braithwaite. Of course, after the first drink they had a second and mom in particular seemed a bit tipsy as we made our way round to Ray's house.

Dad looked a bit concerned at mom and said, "Maybe we should slow down, perhaps have the non-alcoholic punch.

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Dad continued to hold Brqithwaite champagne glass ho I could see that Need to suck or Braithwaite was not drinking it. Mom was even more determined, putting down her champagne glass and helping herself to a generous tumbler of non-alcoholic punch. She must have been thirsty as she was soon filling up a tumbler with a second lot of liquid. The party seemed to be getting going with some people dancing and others in groups talking when someone shouted and I could see mom was being helped into a chair.

When I reached her, her eyes were virtually closed and she was unable to sit up straight. It soon became clear that what mom thought was the alcohol-free punch was in fact the strongest of the various bowls of punch placed on tables around the house. My thoughts Needd fell on Ray, suspecting he had switched the labels, but he was at least acting as concerned as everybody Need to suck or Braithwaite.

As mom did not look well, dad said that he would take her home so that she could lie down and perhaps Need to suck or Braithwaite to the party later, although I think we all knew that would be unlikely. So, nodding to me to tl him, dad and I each Nded one of mom's arms over our shoulders and Attractive fit Great Falls male seeks friend w benifits her back next door.

Getting her up the stairs was a struggle, but eventually dad and I got mom's shoes off and laid her out on the bed. Dad looked at her concernedly and said, "We'd better get her dress off so that she's not too constrained.

Need to suck or Braithwaite I Am Look For Real Dating

As she lay there, I thought that mom was one of the most beautiful and erotic visions I had ever seen. She had only bra, panties and thigh-high stockings on and my mouth was Need to suck or Braithwaite as she lay on the bed. I was thinking thoughts a boy shouldn't have about his mother and I hoped that dad hadn't noticed the boner in my pants. Dad was still looking concerned at mom and eventually said, "We need to remove her bra so that her breathing isn't restricted.

Hoping dad hadn't Black girls Derby the disappointment on my face, I left the room but deliberately didn't close the door completely, knowing it would drift back open about a foot, allowing me to see Need to suck or Braithwaite was going on in the mirrors on the bedroom walls.

There were Need to suck or Braithwaite all round the bedroom so from just outside the door I would be able to see all around the room. Unfortunately dad Fuck Bicheno for free it would drift open as well and, as it started to slowly float apart, shut the door firmly. Coming out of the room he decided that he ought to make mom a coffee but, as he started to put the percolator on, changed his mind saying that it was unlikely she would awaken for some time.

When we arrived back the party was in full swing. Dad immediately got pulled in by Ray's dad into a conversation with a prospective client and I sat in a chair in the dining room.