Snapchat is a pretty popular social platform where you can exchange photos and videos with your friends and send texts. If you haven’t used it before you’re not alone since I downloaded Snapchat only a couple of days ago =) 

Interface: 7/10

The interface is quite complicated as well as the app itself. There is a chat pane, a story pane, the camera, the settings, and so on. Actually, there are a lot of options that may seem confusing at first but then you just get used to it.

There are several ways to add a friend in Snapchat: you can find a person knowing their username, add someone from your phone’s contact list, and even see people nearby who want to become Snapchat friends.

Features: 8/10

In Snapchat, you can take photos and videos and add text, stickers, or lenses to make them funny and cool. After your friend views it and exits the snap, photos and videos will disappear. However, you can buy replays of snaps that are available via in-app transactions.

This feature may look cautious since no one will see your photo after it’s gone. On the other hand, users can easily make a screenshot, take a picture of their phone’s screen or even save your messages, photos, and videos with third-party programs. So, nothing on the Internet disappears forever, and that is the reason to be discreet.

To increase your safety on Snapchat, take some time to explore privacy settings and make sure they align with your own comfort level. For example, you can choose people who can view your content and location as well as the users who can send you messages, photos, and videos, and so on.

Via Snapchat, you also can make a story that other users can view and review for 24 hours. 

If your friend is online you can make a voice or a video call using various effects. You also can create a group chat.

Performance and User Experience: 6/10

I guess the app is made for young people who want to stay in touch with their friends and share bright or funny moments of their life. There are a lot of stickers and lenses, and there’re new ones coming with almost every update. So, Snapchat is a nice and creative way to communicate and express oneself. 

On the other hand, I would recommend users to carefully choose what details of your life to share so that no one could take advantage of your openness.

Devices Compatibility: 7/10

Snapchat is compatible only with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can download the app if you have iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or any Android-based device. One can’t use the app on a desktop or a laptop computer, but I don’t think it’s necessary since we’re so used to have our smartphones on hand pretty much all the time.

The Verdict

Snapchat is a creative social platform where you can view your friends’ stories and share your own ones. At the same time, this app causes a lot of anxiety since it’s pretty popular among teenagers whose parents worry about privacy and sending inappropriate content through Snapchat. One of my friends who is a mother of a 13-years-old boy had a meaningful talk with him about what you can and cannot send through Snapchat and how to interact with people when using the app. I believe that we as adults should teach teens how to use apps like Snapchat wisely, and should do that in a calm and meaningful way.


  • Snapchat has a lot of different features and options for chatting
  • There are lots of free stickers and lenses that make communication more interesting
  • All stories you share will go away in 24 hours, so your future boss or teacher won’t probably see your photo when you’re making faces =)


  • Snapchat isn’t so light – it weighs more than 50 MB and takes a lot of your phone memory
  • Photos and videos expire in several seconds, so if you’re not ready to see them you may miss what your friend wanted to share with you
  • Text messages disappear once you close the chat window, and that may also be inconvenient if you prefer to save the message history
  • Even though snaps can’t be saved within the app, your personal information like texts, photos, and videos you share is still at risk, so choose wisely what to share!

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