ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is the app that brings the famous video conferencing service to your mobile. With it, you can participate in conferences, schedule, or start them. The app features all it takes for efficient communication. You can download ZOOM Cloud Meetings for iOS or Android and take your office with you!

Video Conference Saves the Day

In the time of social distancing, many offices go remote. ZOOM offers a platform that satisfies most requirements for that. With it, you can participate in conferences from home or other places, with your desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. You can even do it while driving, in a special safe mode that doesn’t involve looking at the screen.

The conference supports group and private chats, so you can send messages to the entire group or to a certain user. It also highlights the video of the current speaker, so the others don’t have to search for them among the tiles. The conference can be recorded to the cloud for later access. Finally, you can share your screen during your speech or share files and links in the chat. The service is compatible with cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and others. There is also an advanced notification system that won’t let you miss any important event unless you set your status as unavailable.

Free users can hold conferences for up to 100 users, up to 40 minutes long. Private 1:1 meetings can last as long as you wish. If you want more, you’ll need a subscription to hold such a conference; other users don’t have to pay. They don’t even have to use a smartphone: ZOOM is available through H.323/SIP room systems and regular telephones. So it is highly optimized for business use; nevertheless, it’s just as good for family or friendly parties.

Is ZOOM Trustworthy?

The recent scandals concerning privacy and security seriously undermined the service’s reputation. After that, ZOOM changed its policy, reduced features meant for the bosses to control employees, introduced end-to-end encryption even on free plans. Still, the fact that these scandals could ever take place is a dealbreaker for many switchers choosing other platforms.
Nevertheless, if we trust the company’s claims, ZOOM appears quite a solid option for business communication. It offers even more now for the price, and video/audio quality remains high.

Do we recommend ZOOM Cloud Meetings?

There may be safer solutions, and there may be apps that everyone already has. But if you want to speak to large groups of people on video, ZOOM is quite a good solution for an affordable price. Unless you’re too concerned with the aforementioned security issues, you just need to download ZOOM Cloud Meetings for active collaboration with your team.



  • Rich free functionality
  • Good video and audio quality
  • Intellectual features for efficient communication
  • Various devices and communication systems supported
  • Security modes


  • Privacy and security scandals around the service
  • Subscription limitations

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